Akashic Records : 8 Insights From The Journey Into The Unknown, by Man Su

What are the akashic records? Are they even real? What problems can an akashic reading solve? Here’s what spiritual seeker, Manprit shares.

Manprit is a wonderful friend and spiritual seeker who I’ve shared many parallels with in our journeys. But there are some healing modalities that he’s explored in so much depth, that I couldn’t possibly write to you about. So we are super blessed to have him share about the Akashic Records with us today, through this amazing article. It’s in-depth, so do take a moment to pause and really soak in his wisdom. Here’s what Man Su shares.

I had no clue about Akashic Record Readings and what they were. I had been looking for answers to my soul purpose and the reasons why I felt so disconnected in life? Today, I explain more of this in the sections below. 

Then I came across a book by Michael Newton, PH.D., “Journey of Souls” case studies of life between lives. This book dealt with body, mind, spirit, and reincarnation questions – a hidden spiritual knowledge treasure that I had always wanted to find. It answered life purpose discovery and the manifestation of a “creator” type of questions on my soul journey. So began my awakening into Metaphysical and Esoteric worlds that also included Akashic Records. 

In this post, I’ll be delving into my Akashic Record engagement – my journey into the unknown. And I will be answering 8 Akashic record reading questions:

  1. What I came to know about Akashic Records
  2. To do or not to do: FreeWill and Akashic Record Readings
  3. What problem did I want to solve? 
  4. My feelings: before, during, and after the session
  5. What did Akashic Record readings reveal? 
  6. Can the records help with Career and Dharma?
  7. How did it help you with toxic relationships?
  8. How long does it take for something to change?

Let’s dive in!

What I came to know about Akashic Records

My search leads me to the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), a psychic who had been reading this Akashic Record reading accurately in the past. I came to know that Akashic Record is “real” and not hearsay. It is also called the “Book of Life.” 

This Book of Life is the Creator’s always-on spy camera! A soul spy camera is being projected on a 3-dimensional world to record our actions and performance on this stage called planet Earth.

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains, god has his eyes on us

The lens of Akasha is recording every thought, deed and calibrating a possible future which tends to change each time our thought changes. Similar to our weather forecast that predicts possible outcomes for rain in hours, days, weeks, or even months from now.

So if you ask me, the records are also comparable to the atmosphere’s spiritual backend database filled with thought data. A mainframe, supercomputer, or a mighty computer storehouse with logical partitions containing eons of lifetimes of karmas accumulated for each individual ever lived. Kind of like what they show in the movie, Soul.

As I connected these dots, the first thought that came to my mind and haunted me for a while was that I had no privacy! Everything in life is a show as our thoughts are accessible and can be watched and read through a source such as the Akashic record readers. 

Who else besides Edgar Cayce could still read these database records in this day and age which accuracy? It surprised me to know that the internet was full of Akashic Record readers. I had an urge to know about what my book of life contained but was hesitant. 

2. TO DO OR NOT TO DO (FreeWill) and Akashic Record Readings

I then pondered if I should read mine. What if it changed the course of my destiny. Then the question of free will came to my mind. 

  • If we have no free will: 
    • If I have an Akashic Record Reading done, then this choice will be part of my destiny. But if destiny is pre-written, then the akashic record reading may also have been pre-written for me.
    • If I had no free will, then Akashic Record readers were sent to me by the Creator to guide my life journey ahead.
  • If there is free will: 
    • I’ll like to go to have an Akashic Record Reading done. At the same time, I surrender this decision to the Source. If this is leading me to a greater good, then I’ll let the things guide me. 
    • Since the future changes every time, I said to myself, “I’ll then test the results and output to see if it helps me direct my life most positively and inwardly.” 
    • If the Akashic reading is part of knowing my life purpose, it should help as one of the signposts along the soul journey.

If you are stuck with the decision-making, I recommend you re-read the above points again to eliminate any doubts in your mind. Also, be willing to write down your questions and try solving them to the best of your ability. It is your life, your destiny, your story. 

Here is another example: 

Q.Why should I not go for a reading? 
A. Because it is something that I haven’t done before.

Q. So what?
A. I don’t know what may happen.

Q. Fear of the unknown is a negative resistance telling me to stop thinking about it?
A. Resistance is a form of the ego-mind. Procrastination is a form of ego too. So the ego is preventing/limiting me from doing something I have never done before. It must be a brave thing to do then, and hence the resistance. I will go and see what happens then.

When you start to see that you have defeated the mind, it will surrender itself. When you have a peaceful emotional moment, it is a sign from your soul that you are in the right direction and are ready to test the waters. Emotions are the eyes of your soul.

But why did our minds do that?

The answer is simple. It’s our limited belief system. Since our birth, we have been socially, emotionally conditioned to believe in setting upper limits. This trick of mind limits us from crossing the threshold beyond conditioned beliefs. For instance, if you had heard of Akashic Records since you were 5, 10, or 12 years old on and off, you wouldn’t even be searching for this topic! 

silhouette of child sitting behind tree during sunset, child reading akashic records

In general, a limited mindset cannot comprehend, and therefore accept, the existence beyond the 3-dimensional world of the five senses system. The 4th-dimensional world is the time, space, or interface to reach the Akashic record that resides in and beyond the 5th dimension. So to believe its existence from a 3D mindset is indeed a problem; unless you are awakening spiritually to these higher dimensions. 

3. What problem did I want to solve? 

The problem that kept growing was “I strongly felt” like I didn’t belong to this 3D planet. Life just felt meaningless and stressful. I wanted to find my purpose for existence itself. I had a knowing deep within me that this pain had a message but didn’t know what. 

So an Akashic Record reading was one of the unconventional options to relieve my stress. I have discussed numerous other options in my post, 27 Holistic Self Care Options to relieve Stress.

Although one would believe that years of meditation practices should have cured me, I couldn’t even still my racing thoughts during meditation. It started to hurt me. I lost my memory to a certain degree due to growing despair, discontent, and disconnection.

painting of man

The lesson I learned was that I was spiritually bypassing. Although meditation has its benefits, meditation alone will not solve all the problems and is not a magic bullet.

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Avoiding reoccurring problems and issues stating that meditation for liberation will take care of the issues is bypassing. Meditation should give us the spiritual power, energy, and focus in finding the answers to our problems, not sweeping them under the carpet! I also had a feeling that ascension through meditation could have led us to the knowledge of the records.

4. My feelings, before, during, and after the session

Before these sessions, I was nervous. Very nervous. I thought I’ll get arrested as the resistance was at an all-time high! I felt like I was going to go to a magical forbidden land. At that point, I started to believe that after I came back, the whole world will change. My life and future will be different. I will get all the answers, and my life will improve immediately. 

During the session, I felt a sense of calm. I felt relaxed in my own sacred space. I was curious to ask questions that I prepared beforehand. By the way, I couldn’t see, touch, smell, or taste any new magical world. But I sensed some energy.

I felt like someone was there. I felt relieved as I asked my questions. The new knowledge I was gaining was helpful at that time. The spiritual lessons I needed to learn or the roadblocks to those lessons were being a little more clear. 

After the session, I felt a sense of relief. But nothing had changed. I still saw the same old world, same people, places, etc. But there was something that had happened. Perhaps at the soul level. I started to feel a bit positive even – a ray of hope for a better life.

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5. What did the Akashic Readers reveal? 

I went to multiple readers during various timeframes to understand what was going on. From the different Akashic readings, I came to know that:

  1. I was awakening gradually
  2. I had a higher purpose in life, and so life was feeling meaningless
  3. My office work was not my primary purpose for existence but a bridge 
  4. Some angels were there to help us always
  5. I had different spirit guides assigned starting from our birth
  6. The toxic relationships in life were there to teach lessons 
  7. There were akashic records related to a specific house, people, and even buildings, companies, and businesses

6. Can the records help with Career and Dharma?

From my understanding, yes. The problem is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you get an Akashic Reading stating you are a highly evolved soul and are here on a mission to help with the evolution of earth at this time, it would sound great initially.

But there are no details such as timeframe and signposts that will reveal much information. Why? Because the future is ever changing. 

My take about the future is, we have multiple future possibilities that “maybe” are set in stone. Not just one. So, which one future path to take is a question mark. And so, no one can answer where you are going until you set your intention, create a vision, plan, and take action. 

I struggled with this aspect for some time. Over time, I have learned and now teach others how to create visions for a better future, in my Freedom designcoaching sessions.

7. How did it help you with toxic relationships?

At a deeper level, I learned about soul contracts. It was a foreign concept to me. As Vasundhra explains in her blog, it means that you met every person before you started your journey on earth. You have a pre-life agreement, per karmic entanglements, to teach each other life lessons that will help you [and them] evolve spiritually. 

Knowing this had a profound effect on my perspective on relationships. I started to think, see and feel differently about everyone from family ties, parents, siblings, children to coworkers, bosses, employees, etc. 

soul contracts, akashic records, together, community, union, collective consciousness

So the “toxic” aspect started to fade away slowly with ease and grace. 

As a spiritual life coach, I now help people heal toxic relationships at work or home. It has an immediate effect from a healing perspective. Many of my clients have also confirmed in affirmative. Doing so does not require an Akashic Reading.

8. How long does it take for something to change?

Based on my experience, it took me nearly a year to see changes after the Akashic record readings. The knowledge and information take time to digest. Many roadblocks, however, took approximately three weeks to clear. 

Changes take time. But it depends on many sub-factors such as your karmas: your life lessons, people in life, environments, the time it takes for you to grasp the deeper meaning of lessons, repeated patterns of failure if you don’t understand and fail to pass the tests in life, etc. 

To speed up healing requires immense inner work. It is best to engage a spiritual life coach and journal your life daily. As things change in life, you will feel how the universe is always listening to you. Remember, the Akasha spy camera is always on! 

In Conclusion

The Akashic Records are for real – they are a storehouse of thoughts, deeds, and karmic actions from the past, present that helps predict the possible future similar to the weather forecast. To believe the existence of this phenomenon from a 3D mindset is indeed a problem; unless you are awakening spiritually to these higher dimensions. 

If you feel disconnected in life, Akashic record readings are a great source of revealing what is going on at a different dimension. Ultimately, the decision, drive, and willingness to seek answers require you to go beyond your conditioned beliefs. 

Manprit Suri

Manprit has completed his Basic, Advanced and practice life coaching achievements and is a Certified Holistic Spiritual Life Coach, Transformation and Intuitive Coach. His passion is in empowering people to live a meaningful purpose driven life full of love and compassion. He specializes in upgrading people’s lifestyle to: help them get unstuck in life by removing any roadblocks, limited beliefs in career, relationships, money, life purpose; and inspires them to be the best authentic version of themselves. With his Freedom Design coaching, he holistically designs your life to  attain your most important vision, goals and big dreams. He is also a spiritual awakening guide and mentor and helps those who are on their journeying into awakening. He has a keen interest in creating online content, and is also a spiritual writer.

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