5 Books About Relationships That Will Help You Heal Your Soul Contracts

Here are my reading recommendations for books about relationships that will help you heal your soul contracts and walk towards oneness.

It’s not normal for us to talk about soul contracts beyond the idea of soulmates. But as you progress in your spiritual journey, your understanding evolves. For me, my ability to look at day-to-day interactions differently is largely credited to powerful books about relationships which I read during different phases of my life.

This is important for each one of us to do, because the biggest portion of our healing comes through the daily interactions and dialogues we have.

Some people continually trigger us, and some continually love and support us. But ALL of the people that we meet help us heal in some way.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. If this is a new idea for you, watch it work in your life. To support your learning, I’ve put together a list of my go-to reading resources.

Books About Relationships That Will Help Heal Your Soul Contracts

These are classics, and you might have already heard a bit about them. But here are my favorite books about relationships, which bring awareness towards different ways we can heal our soul contracts and walk on the path of oneness.

Hope you enjoy this blend of spirituality and psychology!

#1 – Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

I first heard a profound lecture by Caroline Myss on Youtube, on the subject of soul contracts, which really helped me solidify my spiritual foundation and start looking at relationships from a higher perspective. Later on, I bought this book and took my learning deeper.

Through her book, Caroline beautifully simplifies our soul’s blueprint, and how to analyze one’s behavior through the various Jungian archetypes.

When you read Sacred Contracts, take your time to absorb and self-reflect on the different ideas that you learn. You can REALLY experience transformation through this book and understand the karmic lessons between you and the people around you.

#2 – Destiny of Souls by Dr Michael Newton

This is hands down one of the finest books I’ve read in the metaphysics space. Not just to help you understand your life purpose and to provide insights on how your soul guides support you, but to also teach you the valuable life lessons expected from each of us at the time of birth; and to empower you to take back the reign of your life.

A large part of Dr Michael Newton’s work explores the decision-making that happens in the afterlife, and how we pick different soulmates, friends and foes to help our soul’s evolution.

I recommend this book especially to those that have lost a loved one and want to know that they’re doing okay after leaving the body.

Of course there’s a LOT to take away from this dense metaphysical research. But if you’re interested in understanding the mindset of those that aren’t here in the physical realm, I highly recommend reading this book.

#3 – Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

Necessary for everyone that keeps getting irritated or having arguments with people around them (*raises hand too*). While this doesn’t use “soul contracts” as the focal point, it helps you really understand the duality in relations.

Though written for couples trying to understand and connect with each other, I found this book a profound introspection of a variety of dynamics, from all walks of life.

This book explains how every individual has male AND female energy; going on to explain the traits of each energy type (masking them under the name of man or woman, but also having started with the disclaimer that the ‘roles may be reversed’).

The kind of behaviors explained are not limited to a spouse or partner – the theories work for coworkers, parents, children and even strangers!

Thorough and exhaustive, it will prevent all your “small fights” from adding up; overtime growing peaceful like still waters altogether.

And, in the truest sense, this book taught me about balance, compassion and mindful cohabitation.

#4 – The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

What started as a fun online quiz for me and my husband, became a game-changer in our equation.

The crux begins with – you don’t need to love people the way YOU want to be loved. Love people the way THEY want to be loved.

It then goes on to explain how, with 5 categories called Love Languages.

I’d say that start by taking the free online quiz here. This book unfolds the possibility that we can love people in different ways, and that no particular way is right or wrong. It’s just different.

So, as you begin to observe different love languages in the people you interact with, you will learn how to show up in relationships without seeming like a people-pleaser or bending over backwards. And, they will feel like you get them!

Eventually, it encourages you to dispel the surface-level duality and go deeper into unconditional love. This book relates well to soul contracts in that it helps you understand different ways in which love exists in the world, and enhances your own expression.

#5 – The Dance of Connection by Dr Harriet Lerner

Last on my list, but a strong book that reflects on the different dynamics we have in our relationships. Especially with people that challenge us. And how we can work to shift these dynamics, merely by working towards the way we communicate.

Dr Harriet shares eye-opening stories from her client work and reveals how we hold ourselves back and close our heart. How certain shifts helped people save a marriage, or actually decide to end it! Again, not a book just for couples – there are reflections for everyone.

Through her book, you learn to express your emotions differently and work on some of the difficult conversations that can eventually save a relationship.

I was inspired by her book last year, and compelled to write my own reflections on ways we are being inauthentic around loved ones.

Concluding Thoughts

There are incredible insights in store for us, if we are willing to learn. We may not be able to figure it all out by ourselves. But reading such books about relationships can really help us heal and focus on self-development versus being so shaken by external events.

Enjoyed reading these books? Let me know! Here are some more books I recommend reading for your growth.

Happy reading 🙂

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  1. I’ve read 2 of these – I just love Destiny of Souls (Journey of Souls is just as good!). Sacred Contracts is the next book on my list and I’ve now added 5 Love Languages and Dance of Connection to my list – they both sound great!

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