5 New Spiritual Authors Around The Block Worth Reading In 2021

Here’s a list of 5 new spiritual authors worth reading in the new year. Support their work and help them grow!

Every December, I love to share reading recommendations for the new year. And this year I wanted to focus on supporting new spiritual authors.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend my time personally working with all these wonderful and kindred souls; getting to know their take on spirituality through their lens. It has been exciting and humbling to find like-minded individuals across the world, making an impact in their corner.

Today, I want to bring their Light in our corner. And encourage you to read some of the works of these new spiritual authors to help you in your journey, as well as to support theirs!

5 New Spiritual Authors Worth Reading in 2021

#1 – Orchid Of Fate by Carleen Marie

Carleen’s memoir is a beautiful and gripping reflection on the process of a Kundalini Awakening. It starts from her childhood and the different ways it impacted her mindset; how it caused physical manifestations in the form of migraines and led to a breaking point in her life. All leading up to her official awakening!

I was amazed by the level of detail and accuracy with which Carleen explains intense, eastern philosophies such as Chakras, Kundalini energy etc, from a scientific angle.

There’s a good blend of story-telling, educational value and a compelling writing that kept me hooked. Check it out. 🙂

#2 – The Band Director’s Lessons About Life by Donald Lee

If you want to pick up one book about teaching spirituality to kids, this is a good place to start. But it’s not just about the parent-children or teacher-student dynamic. There are valuable spiritual lessons for every age.

Donald’s work is a mix of humor and humility, of misadventures and music… and lots of other light-hearted goodness that we can all benefit from.

I highly recommend his book as a bedside read. There are some great reflections after each story, which you can slowly work through every night.

#3 – Hazard by Cosmin Onofrei

Cosmin’s Hazard feels very familiar in ideology to many of the things I talk about, which is why I could relate to the book right away.

It’s a short and insightful book with reflections about life, and will act as a wonderful guide in your spiritual growth.

What I liked most about his work, were the simple yet powerful examples he used from daily life, making his approach to spiritual living very practical. No fluff, just straight-to-the point spiritual truths. A good read for sure! 🙂

#4 – The Way of Existence by Jim Schmidt

I don’t know how I first connected with Jim, but about a year later, we were doing a video together about past lives!

Jim is a mystical and metaphysical author, who relates his past life experiences in his series called the The Way of Existence.

Another interesting fact about his work is that not only is he the author, he has self-published and printed everything himself! His work, in his opinion is not for the masses, but for the special segment who will resonate which such otherworldly ideas.

I was compelled by his writing style, which almost felt like reading a sci-fi story! I had to keep reminding myself that it was a real experience. You will enjoy the spiritual reflections that he shares in between as well. 🙂

#5 – Spirit Animals : 21 Divine Messengers of the Universe by Vasundhra Gupta

I know, I know. I’m self-promoting myself in a way by adding myself to the list. But the thing is, writing a book has been a huge block for me. So big, the Universe had to electrocute me to make me understand my higher calling! So when I finally self-published my first book, it was a big load off my back.

The reason this book needed to happen, was because even though we spend so much time talking about seeing 11:11 on the clock, or praying that a feather falls in our path to make our wish come true, we rarely talk about divine guidance from living beings.

Day-to-day animals like mice, ants and flies all have a spiritual significance. How do you know what that significance is? You take notice of these animals and their behavior.

I’ve talked about this in my pocket-friendly book, sharing tons of tips, personal stories and insight on the magic of spirit animals.

Concluding Thoughts

This year, I realized how profound even the newest writers and authors are around us. We always give the big-shots a chance, and of course we should, but in the upcoming year, consider supporting more local artists and new spiritual authors around you.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the support of many loving readers and clients, that continue to help me help you. If you’d like to learn more ways to help this blog grow, do check out this resource. Thank you for your support!

Oh and, before you go, here are some other reading recommendations for the new year.

Happy reading! 🙂

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Jnana Yoga & The 7 Benefits of Spiritual Wisdom In The Modern World

What is jnana yoga? Do we need spiritual books to attain enlightenment? Here are 7 benefits of knowledge in your spiritual journey.

Of the four paths to enlightenment, jnana yoga, the path of knowledge was my first choice.

I’ve spent years reading spiritual books from around the world, reflecting on various questions that spiritual teachers propel at us. And I have seen friends that started binge reading after their spiritual awakening. But till date refuse to read anything outside the genre of spirituality or metaphysics!

But why bother? And are you missing out in your journey if you’re not walking the path of jnana yoga? Here’s my take.

The Importance of Jnana Yoga In Your Spiritual Journey

In a world where we have very little trust in anything, we seek logic.

That’s how things started for me too. I wanted fool-proof evidence for spirituality. It was important to ‘be sure’, before I invested in any more ‘practices’ and had my heart broken by God, again.

I had grown up in a Hindu family and loved our different Gods and Goddesses.

But my faith had been shaken over something as futile as bad grades in school. And ever since, I wondered about questions like if God really cared for me, or if God felt offended that I no longer trusted him.

So on, and so forth, my restlessness brewed. And I had a tough time understanding God from the ordinary religious view.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching a show about the Hindu God, Shiva. And the more I watched, the more I longed for my twin flame, my Shiva. But none of the reality which was unfolding added up to any of the mystical musings shown in mythological shows.

Over the years, the questions grew deeper and led me into the dark night of the soul.

Eventually, I resorted to trying new hobbies or making new friends to pacify the increasing distortion I was experiencing. Because that didn’t help, my search deepened.

One day, I stumbled upon my first spiritual teacher, Caroline Myss.

This became my first experience of a practical approach to spirituality. Many years later, it now makes sense that this wonderful teacher was leveraging jnana yoga to enlighten our modern world.

The first reason we need to follow the path of knowledge, is because faith doesn’t come naturally to us.

Ofcourse, you don’t have to read a book to be on the path of jnana yoga. You could watch videos or attend spiritual satsang. But it is important, because that is the only way our ego mind can get over the doubts.

And it is also the purest way in which we can begin to understand how this Universe works.

That being said, that’s not just why you should consider reading more spiritual books or attending more spiritual workshops. Here are 7 other benefits that come from the path of knowledge.

7 Reasons the Jnana Yoga Path Is Crucial To Follow In The Modern World

I hope these reflections compel you to create more time to learn and grasp more of the spiritual truth from those that are a few steps ahead of you in the journey back to Self.

#1 – You can experience Oneness through subtle energy transmission.

The Angels and Masters of the spiritual realm work with us energetically.

This became more acceptable to my mind, when I read Dr Michael Newton’s evidence on how our spirit guides wait for us to be calm, so that they can send us guidance and healing energy.

angels, masters, spiritual team, spirit guides, energy transmission, healing through jnana yoga

Teachers, courses and books are all channels for us to receive much more than the conscious mind can perceive. It can feel like you’ve entered a different reality, where you become absorbed and One with all that’s being said.

Personally, some of the most profound moments for me have been while reading Osho’s Vigyan Bhairav, practicing the Heartfulness Meditation by Daaji, and listening to Sadhguru’s discourses.

#2 – You can receive unparalleled daily guidance without going to the mountains or sitting in a cave.

Back in the day, people had to leave their homes and live with gurus to receive formal, spiritual education.

Today, you no longer need to go searching for peace in the Himalayas, because we live in a world where we have easy access to some of the finest spiritual teachings through a finger taps.

When your faith wavers, other paths like bhakti yoga or dhyana yoga can become difficult. And if you are an introvert, or you simply don’t have time for/access to spiritual satsang, then how do you get inspiration?

Watching spiritual videos is one way. Even reading just a few pages a day can transform your life in tremendous ways.

spiritual books. jnana yoga for enlightenment and higher levels of consciousness

Ever since my journey began, every single book that came and changed my life, had a random source. But it was accurately timed for the moment! And it helped me cross the day-to-day hurdle much quicker than I would have if I had spent the time talking to a human being, or if I prayed unceasingly for an escape from my problems.

So through the effect of jnana yoga, you not only get out of your problems, you rapidly evolve through them in a practical setting. The path no longer needs for us to renounce anything. We can be modern yogis.

#3 – Jnana Yoga helps you stay in higher levels of consciousness without restricting you to a place or person.

Yes, our journey is inwards and we have all the wisdom we need within us, but at times our ability to operate from a higher consciousness diminishes if we are too close to the problem.

The universe is very kind to drop subtle messages and signs – you never know what mundane line in a book might actually be transforming for you.

For example, Dr Brian’s works are pioneer in past life regression but the one line that sat deep for me, is actually not referenced on Google yet! Its from one of his books, where he talks about how nobody should be anyone’s guru for more than a few months.

I was at the beginning of my journey and this quickly made it clear to me that I don’t need to rest at one door. This allowed me to broaden my learning and fill my palette with spiritual guidance from all walks of life.

Today, you’ll hear me talk about the classic teachings of the Buddha in one blog post, and reference a new age teaching in the next for this very reason!

monk, beaded bracelet, chanting, buddhism, buddhist practices, self healing

Through jnana yoga, you are able to hear the Truth, with a capital t, from whoever you resonate with at the time. You are no longer limited to a place, person or time.

#4 – You experience rapid healing.

Sure, you need to act on what you learn. But the fact is, spiritual books plant seeds and water them so rapidly, that as Paul Selig’s book Word said, these books become a passage for your transformation.

You start the book as one person, and complete it living at a different realm!

The best example for this happening to me, was the book Conversations with God. There wasn’t much physical action required – it simply did all the work for me.

wisdom, jnana yoga, self healing, spiritual awakening, life changing spiritual books

It changed my perspective on what religion is – what God is NOT, why evils exists in the world, what our purpose is, and so much more. There was no going back from that point.

The messages and insights are bound to produce a kind of rapid healing in you that will only help make your Ascension faster. Instead of reinventing the wheel and trying to master the journey through endless hit and trial, why not lean on some of the profound wisdom from around the world?

Which brings me to the next point.

#5 – You get life experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise (or you’d take lifetimes to).

The key lesson I got from reading spiritual books in general, was that I don’t need to experience everything first-hand. We can learn just by looking at other people’s experiences.

jnana yoga, spiritual books help your spiritual journey

I may never go to the Himalayas or sit under a banyan tree and meditate for hours, but I’ve learned a thing (or 15) from some of the wisest beings out there.

Spirituality is NOT about reinventing the wheel, it’s only about spinning your wheel at full capacity. So why not follow a couple of tried and tested things and see how it goes for you?

#6 – You find a deeper sense of satisfaction and satiation.

I have nothing against self-help books. I’ve been reading them for the longest time and I still do. But they don’t bring a lasting sense of peace.

When I read a spiritual book about afterlife, my curiosity is piqued! And by the end of the series, my cup has been filled in a way where it only overflows. It no longer needs watering in that space.

jnana yoga is satiating and helps you raise your awareness

Spirituality is diverse beyond imagination (but it shouldn’t be a surprise, given that we are INFINITE). So the point is, you can gain so much wisdom and it all brings a deeper sense of appreciation for existence.

We all seek depth and satiation in life, and not much else can deliver that to us, than being contemplative on this spiritual journey. In moments where our contemplation falls short, a spiritual book can fill that gap for us.

#7 – Jnana Yoga gives you wings!

This is the power of investing your time in the path of knowledge. As the darkness is dispelled by light, you soar higher into the skies and break free from your own limitations.

may all your dreams come true, fly high, soaring into the sky, reading gives you wings
You are no longer held back by orthodox or fear-based patterns. You learn how to operate with utmost love and infinitude.

I experienced an absolute personality makeover, a shift in who I am, largely because of the wisdom that was poured into me.

I feverishly read dozens of books in my first year of awakening. And though I am not enlightened, I find myself becoming so much more of myself everyday – more than I ever was.

I have seen an increased capacity to look at the bigger picture, to be more optimistic, to dream and be ‘unrealistic’. And yet people believe in me, because spirituality gave me the confidence I never had before.

Concluding Thoughts

I always say this – a book is a soul’s best friend.

Raising the quality of your thoughts through jnana yoga is one of the most profound things you can do for your. Unless, of course, you have the amazing fortune of sitting with an actual enlightened Master. Then, enlightenment is guaranteed!

Until then, read, watch and listen your way into realizing that you are the very awareness you’re seeking outward.

Happy learning, happy enlightenment! 🙂

5 Underrated Books About Shadow Work For Deeper Self-Awareness

Books about shadow work – from overcoming addiction, to learning how to fight fair, & from grieving death to being prepared for it. Read this!

It took me a while to understand the difference between shadow work and light work healing. This year, after a fantastic guest post on the subject, I became curious! And so, I began looking for books about shadow work, to help deepen my own understanding.

At the same time, I wanted to talk about the lesser known ones through this post. They brought enormous value to my relation with my shadow self, and I hope they help you too!

From overcoming addiction, to learning how to fight fair in relationships; from grieving death, to being prepared for it; there’s a good mix of emotions covered in each of the recommendations below.

Alongside reading these books, I highly recommend trying out these self-reflecting questions to deepen your understanding of your shadow self.

#1 – Healing through the Dark Emotions by Miriam Greenspan

Miriam’s book made my heart explode open (and waterworks flow) while reading her personal narratives around child loss. Her story is one of great strength and perseverance.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not limited to maternity. That was just one small yet powerful angle to break the ice on a much deeper subject.

Embracing our dark emotions.

And it really puts things into perspective – how can you trust the very God that stands quiet as you suffer personal loss?

therapist comforting patient, grief, healing through dark emotions, books about shadow work

This is a bold writing that challenges many psychiatric theories, written by a psychiatrist herself! And I love her spiritual reflections, incorporating ‘unverified’ topics like the dark night of the soul and enlightenment.

Through this book, Miriam introduces her readers to the term emotional alchemy – the ability to transcend our emotions, by working through them. And in that, she talks about rebuilding your faith. Her idea is to stay open to the doubts and work through them into a healthier spiritual life.

Of the many tools and tips provided in this book, I like her simplified acronym, ABS.


To? The emotions in your body, in order to experience healing fully.

In a world where we hide emotions and don’t really know who to deal with grief or a lost sense of identity, Miriam teaches us of vulnerability. All gently yet boldly explored through many real-life stories and her clinical work.

Takeaway: This is one of the books about shadow work that teaches us how to observe and navigate through our emotion-phobic culture. The author’s strength is in subjects of grief and how to hold faith in testing times, without losing sight of your spiritual journey.

#2 – In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Maté

We all have some form of addiction.

This book was eye-opening and a big reality check – exploring the darkness of human vices. It begins as a reflection on dozens of cases from Dr Maté’s clinical work in Vancouver. And in no time, meshes into his personal accounts and self-reflections about his addictions. And in effect, yours!

Maté makes you realize that even if you don’t have a drug or alcohol addiction, you could be a workaholic, shopaholic or sugar addict. And that’s no better. Every addiction is a form of escapism from one’s shadow self.
person smoking cigarette, book about shadow work, gabor mate, healing dark emotions

This book is another magnificent writing that really works through the psychology of patients. And it also gives you a candid insight on the the nature of therapy work behind closed doors.

Takeaway: Ofcourse this is perfect for anyone overcoming a personal addiction. And it is also essential to read for anyone that is supporting a loved one through their addictions. It also teaches you compassion and helps open your mind, giving you a chance to self-reflect and overcome your own addictive behaviors.

#3 – Radical Compassion by Tara Brach

This was one of the books that kept coming back to me, through Instagram posts, and so I finally ended up buying the audiobook.

Compassion has been a keyword in my journey this year, and the title compelled me to give this book a chance. And why I immediately liked it right off the bat, was because Tara Brach shares Buddhist teachings in a modern way, to help deepen our compassion.

compassion, love, self awareness

Radical compassion talks about a four-step process, with an acronym RAIN, to build our compassion muscles. This acronym stands for –


As you can tell, each step allows us to expose ourselves to dark emotions like anger, resentment, bitterness and so on. We aren’t being told to suppress or shame ourselves for feeling a certain way. This is the fundamental of any form of shadow work.

At the end of every chapter, she walks you through beautiful meditations on each of the four steps. That’s why I recommend the audiobook version!

Though the idea of pausing and ‘thinking before we speak’ isn’t new, when you use her formula to practice RAIN, it becomes more doable.

Takeaway: I highly recommend reading Tara’s book for anyone that might feel like their emotions take over them and they lose sight of themselves, or that need to work deeper on self-love and compassion towards oneself as well as those around.

#4 – Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

I read this book nearly 5 years ago, long before my spiritual journey started. And yet, it felt as if it were preparing me for the ultimate Truth, much in advance.

Being Mortal is written by a renowned surgeon and writer. It talks about the taboo topic, death. His writing is revolutionary, in that it breaks many of our bubbles around the notion of dying through the beautiful mashup of science of philosophy.

death, dying, books about shadow work

And with it, come a large number of self-reflecting questions; all leading to one bigger question – what quality of life are you living, so that you’re ready to die when it ends?

But what – why would anyone want to read about such a morbid subject? Because this is one of the key books about shadow work that address our biggest fear as humans. Dying.

And time and again, other popular books like Sadhguru’s book, Death and Sogyal Rinpoche’s Tibetan Book of Living and Dying teach us the same message.

We cannot understand life, until we prepare ourselves for death. And we haven’t done our true shadow work until we begin to walk on this path.

Takeaway: If the topic of dying and death makes you uncomfortable, I would recommend starting with Being Mortal. It will open your eyes.

#5 – The Dance of Connection by Harriet Lerner

I had mixed feelings about this book, because unlike the other books, there weren’t really any fancy acronyms or tools – just simple story-telling and case study discussions. But it sat with me months after reading it.

And I remember even replaying one of her stories in my moments of anger, recently! So that’s why, it makes a show here afterall. 🙂

The Dance of Connection is a perfect introduction on how to channel one’s shadow emotions into something more constructive. Not only does it discuss conflict management in friendships and marriages, there are stories that reflect on parent-child dynamics, amongst other things.

angry couple, conflict, book about shadow work by harriet lerner

Feeling hurt translates into many emotions – anger and sadness being a few of them. However, growing up, we’re taught to look at these as taboo.

So having grown up, it’s high time we learn how to express ourselves when we’re feeling hurt. Without hurting another person.

Takeaway: This is one of the simpler and shorter books about shadow work that will give you a new lens for your day-to-day conflicts. I recommend reading this if you, obviously, want to be more fun to have an argument with. 🙂

Concluding Thoughts

As you explore the idea of normalizing emotions like anger and grief, it becomes easier to embrace our lesser ‘approved’ side. For instance, anger isn’t a big deal anymore, and it’s completely fine if you take ‘too much time’ to overcome a loss.

We cannot embody the divinity, the Light within us, until we learn to embrace our darkness. And in this, we can transmute it to attain higher levels of self-awareness.

Let me know if you have other suggestions, or enjoy reading any of these books about shadow work. I’d love to know! 🙂

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. This means that at no added cost to you, every purchase you make through these links brings a small commission to my blog. This helps support my work. Thank you for your consideration! Here are other ways to support and help this blog grow.


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