Aditi C.

I have been always intrigued about learning about human connection with the universe. I am grateful for Vasundhra for introducing me to the concepts of Spirituality and Chakra Balancing. She explained the Chakras with relatable examples and suggested different techniques to balance the Chakras.

While the workshop was highly informative overall, i got the insight that i was struggling with blocked Solar Plexus Chakra and needed to work on unblocking it.

After the workshop, she sent us daily reminders focusing on one chakra for a day. Her meditation sessions are so innovative and relaxing. After a stressful day at work I always look forward to these sessions.

I believe that everyone needs to find their connection with the universe and with the right guidance, its possible to achieve that. Vasundhra is a great coach who has the potential of making us all reach out to the universe as well as take care of our inner child.