Shanal G.

The exercises suggested for both grounding and inner child healing were extremely helpful and they remain something I still practice regularly. I am grateful for the way you listened and were able to get to the root of certain beliefs that I had about myself and others. I find now that I have more love for myself and I am able to give that out to others as well.

I think the time limit and number of sessions were absolutely perfect. It was such a lovely experience talking to such a kind and thoughtful person.

The sessions didn’t just end after the call, since you kept in touch with email – sending through exercises and checking in. It was also nice having the option to choose a time that suits both of us since we’re from different time zones.

You are an amazing healer, who is able to bring a positive spin to an issue without making light of it. Thank you so much.

Feedback for One-on-One Spiritual Coaching