Chandni S.

The session has only benefitted me. It has familiarized me with my inner child and given a nice start to my Inner Child journey. It is an inner work and regular practice so it mostly depends on the person how enthusiastically he/she works and persevere. Vasu was very patient with me during the course, which also motivated me to get up and work again when I faced challenges. She gives a caring touch and gives you your freedom without imposing any idea.

While the activities in the session were helping me discover my inner child I leveraged the activities to derived my own event to help my family/siblings resolve our own issues growing up together. And that was fun and brought us closer and more open to each other.

One of the activities I was asked to do actually helped me to have a long and deep dialogue with my inner child which made me love her even more. I gave her time by breaking some rules and allowing her to go in her flow and that helped me see their naughty side of hers! Well the list is endless. But the experience and peace of mind I found and still finding cannot be described in words. Lots of recommendations!

(Feedback for Inner Child Healing Workshop)