Abu S.

A lot of content covered in 2 hours, I am overwhelmed with the learnings! A lot of knowledge shared with storytelling was icing on the cake. Above all, I could relate and imagine everything.
(Feedback for Chakra Balancing Masterclass)

I have had the opportunity to attend your offline and online meditation session. What stands out for you, is your commitment and knowledge about the subject.

 One of my favourites is your spiritual emails. You have the gift of gab, and you give every message a personal or a Vasundhra touch!!

I have also reached out to you for some of my personnel ask, and you as always have been kind enough to accommodate my request. 

You always remind me of a duck.. If you observe a duck with your naked eyes, swimming in the water, the duck would come across as calm and composed, and in complete control of the situation. But what is not visible to the naked eye is the endless struggle underneath the water the duck has to undergo, which is the reason behind her calm and composed demeanor. 

(Feedback for Newsletter & Online Meditation Sessions)