Denise S.

When I started to work with Vasu, I was completely stuck: stranded on the other side of the world during COVID with a flight cancelled, money stolen by exes, a broken laptop, lost data and a PhD thesis to write. I struggled with a burned leg and inflammation in my hands. I was less than at point 0.

Thanks to the coaching, I learned a technique to talk to my inner child and to recover some parts of my forgotten past. I realized why and from where I got all these patterns that literally ruined my life, and I chased them until they didn’t want to come back to me any more.

After two months now I am doing exercises for my body and arms, found a new topic, language and focus for my thesis and some long lost dreams.

I could recover the data from the motherboard and tomorrow I will drive to the capital to buy a new laptop. Before, an investment of the money didn’t make any sense for me, because the PhD didn’t make any sense for me. Now I am able to connect it to my life path and dreams.

Vasu sends valuable tasks/literature and gives us an open ear and insights to her own experiences. If we don’t send feedbacks, answers or don’t even try the literature and tasks out, our coaching experience will be very limited.

If something was not for me, the U showed it clearly: no connection regardless of the best preparation. I would suggest that we at the more receiving end take a more active part and ask specific questions, and also choose directions. For me it worked much more insightfully and was motivating that way.

(Feedback for one-on-one coaching)