Shivangi S.

The workshop was in itself a journey. Learning about the little things that you usually take very lightly. (For example: blessing your food, keeping a dream journal, writing letters of gratitude, even taking some sunlight 🙂 ). The exercises given AFTER the workshop were quite amazing. Every day brought out the best in me. The BEST. I loved every bit of the process. Going through it was an amazing experience for me. I have taken so much from it and I don’t think there was a better way to inculcate these habits. 

This is, by far, the best workshop I have ever attended!

Wow… I am honestly in short of words to describe the experience. It was very basic, even a two-year-old would have fun and enjoy learning about chakras this way. The workshop happened at the exact time in my life when I needed it. Thanks for taking the time to conduct it. Truly grateful for it. To sum up the experience… it was delightful and I loved it!

(Feedback for Chakra Balancing Digital Workshop)