Indu S.

It has been a wonderful experience for me. I never knew it could bring so much change in my life. I was struggling with creativity blocks, lethargy, saying no to people, fear regarding future and few more.

The tasks which are given under this workshop makes you sit down and discover so many things about yourself, and really helps you to work on your blocked chakras.

I really loved the way the workshop started with a story format followed by daily tasks. Most of us make our life so complicated during the course of time that we find it difficult to lead a simple life due to our strong conditioning.

If at all you are willing to put in effort and are determined to work on your flaws to lead a happy, mindful, uncomplicated, full of love life then you should do this workshop ( i am working on my flaws) and discover your beautiful self.

And and and about Vasundhra! She is the sweetest and well versed mentor I have ever come across by far. She would explain everything in detail to you and would be always available to provide you the insight.

What I liked about her was that she initially holds your hand and walks you through on your path and slowly without your knowledge she leaves your hand and you realize that you have become independent. Looking forward to dive more into spiritual topics with her.

Feedback for Chakra Balancing Workshop