Chakras Explained (#4) : Anahata – Heart Chakra

Exploring the science of the Heart Chakra, how you can determine if your Anahata is blocked or unbalanced, and tips on how to balance your energy centers.

Heart Chakra - Anahata

Throughout the Chakras Explained Series, we have been discussing ways to recognize if your chakras are out of alignment, how to balance them and the nitty gritty science of the Chakra System. Today, we talk about the fourth Chakra, the Anahata.

The essence of the heart energy is explained using the following categories:

5 Facts About The Anahata Chakra

#1 – Heart Chakra

The easiest to locate – at the center of your chest! The Heart Chakra is the fourth energy center in the Chakra System, and connects your lower chakras to the higher chakras.

#2 – Psychological & Emotional Associations

The Heart Chakra focuses on self-acceptance.

Psychologically, the fourth chakra links to your Right to Love.

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#3 – Relationship with Physical Body

The Anahata is linked to the circulatory system in our physical body, along with the lungs, arms and hands too.

#4 – Relationship with Diet

Your Heart Chakra is the energy center of balance and being neutral. It is therefore associated to chemically neutral foods that bring a balance between the higher and lower energies.

#5 – Examples of an Imbalanced Heart Chakra
  • Lack of Compassion
    Have you ever suddenly, felt emotionless or disconnected from somebody’s pain? Or felt a lack of empathy for problems? Yup. That’s a telltale sign of a blocked heart.
  • Loving Too Much
    On the contrary to the point above, are you often told you wear your heart on your sleeve, that you give too much, or love too much? There’s a good chance that your Heart Chakra is overstimulated.
  • Denial
    If you are constantly trying to change things, or resisting reality, it indicates the possibility of a blocked Anahata.
  • Imbalance In Daily Life
    Struggling to find the right balance between work and play, between family and career, between dieting and binging, and so forth. Yup – all signs.
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Questions To Evaluate Your Heart Chakra Health

This quick self-assessment will help you evaluate the health of your Anahata, and determine if you’re in need of balancing this energy center.

  • Are you good at maintaining long-term relationships?
  • Do you hide a lot of grief from the past?
  • Does acceptance come easily to you?
  • Are you compassionate?
  • Can you forgive easily?

5 Ways to Balance Your Heart Chakra

If you have identified that there is a need to balance your Heart Chakra, start with these suggestions.

#1 – Meditate on the Chakra’s color, green, and its shape.
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#2 – Practice Heart Centered Good Practices

Here are some heartfelt suggestions (pun intended) :

#3 – Invest in a Rose Quartz crystal.

I kid you not – my heart was pounding when I first held my rose quartz in my hands, during meditation. I felt a burst of emotions flowing and immense love.

Incase you’re looking for a reliable option, I wanted to mention that purchased raw, natural healing crystals from R. R. Sheikh at Amazon. The crystals were genuine and reasonably priced.

#4 – Practice Bhakti Yoga

There are so many forms of devotion.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here is a quick roundup of some Bhakti related posts :

#5 – Dietary Balance

The Heart Chakra is all about balance and moderation, so it helps to consume neutral foods. Namely veggies!

1-2 portions of freshly-prepared vegetables everyday, is great for your body, and as an extension, for your entire Chakra system.

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Concluding Thoughts

If you’ve been following this series so far, I hope that you’ve started finding actionable items to add to your daily routine. Most of the changes are very minor, but bring immediate changes in the energy body. Start trying them and achieving higher levels of awareness, happiness and consciousness!

If you’d love to deepen your understanding of the Chakra System, come join one of my upcoming group classes, here!


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