60-Second Energy Clearing Tool & Meditation


A bite-size and powerful self-healing tool in which Vasundhra guides you through a short meditation and helps you to free yourself from any energy you’ve soaked up from people or places.

This tool is perfect for people that work in high-intensity jobs, consider themselves empaths, or are just discovering ways to be in more touch with their inner wisdom.



Energy clearing does not have to take decades. Infact, when we consciously let energy move through, it can pass out as quickly as 90-seconds.

The intent of this downloadable audio guide is to help you tune into your body, scan your energy, and release what isn’t yours. This is a great spiritual hygiene practice that Vasundhra recommends people should do at least once a day.

NOTE: Please don’t listen to this audio while driving or doing any activity where the loss of focus could cause harm to you or your surroundings. 


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