Hypnotherapy Deconstructed with Serena & Vasundhra


Serena Bostock is a Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner that has been super generous in offering the MSS community a rich, educational call on the much controversial topic of hypnosis.

She collaborates with Vasundhra Gupta, who runs My Spiritual Shenanigans and uses hypnotherapy in her coaching practices. Together, they hope you enjoy this 60-minutes workshop called “Hypnotherapy Deconstructed” and have much to learn from it.



Here’s a high-level overview of the topics we talk about in our workshop, Hypnotherapy Deconstructed:

  • What is hypnotherapy?
  • How does it work with your conscious and subconscious mind?
  • Hypnotherapy and its associations with ancient history
  • Common books that teach us about the principles of hypnotherapy
  • Are you already being hypnotized without realizing it?
  • Rapid Fire: 4 Myths About Hypnotherapy Debunked
  • Demo: 2 Self-healing tools you can use to practice hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy’s relationship with hallucinations, eating disorders etc.
  • How your spiritual journey can benefit from hypnotherapy
  • And a LOT more!

After signing up, you will also receive bonus self-healing material including:

  • A complimentary 30-minute session with Serena,
  • A bonus package for those that want to explore hypnotherapy with her;
  • Cutting-edge research on the benefits of hypnotherapy,
  • More insights on past life regression and hypnotherapy,
  • And more!

Some of the testimonials of the attendees of this program:

“I love Serena’s passion and will definitely take the confidence practice with me as a great takeaway.”

“Love her melodic voice and energy. I will feel more confident and I will most likely set up a session with Serena.”

Disclaimer: If you are not sure whether Hypnotherapy is suitable for you or not, you can use the complimentary call to ask your concerns and questions to Serena.

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