Do You ‘Love Too Much’? Read this.

You’ll need to ‘see’ this post, just as much you need to ‘read’ it to understand the practical analogy for “if you love too much”.

“I do a lot for other people, but I never feel as appreciated. I feel like I love too much!”

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Today, we’re going to use an analogy to understand what’s going on. And, hopefully, how to overcome it.

NOTE: This analogy is not limited to romantic relationships. But we’re using it in that context because it’ll be easier to get. You’ll see what I mean!

The Rice Analogy

Imagine you are a shopkeeper who sells rice.

Why rice, you ask? Because that’s my food of choice. I’m an Asian. Shall we proceed now?

Okay, so.

One day, your crush comes up to you and asks for a small bag of rice. Trying to impress, you offer her/him a medium bag. FOR THE PRICE OF A SMALL BAG.

crush, attraction, infatuation, love, relationships

She walks off happy with your extra rice and heart.

She comes back after a week. This time, she’s brought money for the medium rice. You play it cool, you only give her a medium bag of rice like she asked. She walks off disappointed though, and you have a feeling she’s not coming back.

“God, just please bring her back!”

You’ll ‘up’ your game the next time, you promise.
cheap, love too much, emotions

She doesn’t come back for a couple of weeks, but when she finally does, she’s with a new guy. That’s it! You’ve got to make your best move now! You hand her the large bag of rice, for the price of a medium. New guy – 0, You – 1.

As for your finances, it’s a minus 1. But love conquers all, everyone knows that! Don’t be stingy! Money is an illusion anyway. Right?

relationships, breakup, failure, heartbreak

Over time, you both begin to build a good relationship. You share a couple of laughs, have coffee and cute moments like all rice-couples probably do. You’re ‘more than friends’. Or so you’ve started to believe.

But one day, she’s back at your shop with new guy. And now, you notice he’s got his arm around her. He isn’t new guy anymore, he’s the guy. So in a moment of panic, you do what you do best. You place an irresistible offer.

You offer a medium bag of rice free with the large bag, only for the cost of a large. You’re broke anyway at this point, but if you can save this relation, things will be alright.

She’s hesitant. “That’s too much”, she says. You insist that it’s for ‘old-time’s sake’. With a cordial nod, she takes the bags and they begin to walk away.

But what’s that? She hands the free bag to her guy. Gulp.

You just got LOVE-MUGGED.
mugged, scam, failure, relationships

By this point, you’ve invested a LOT of rice in this crush. And your crush has ‘used you’, ended up crush-ing you. And all that free-loading has cost you a huge loss. You are suffering, not just emotionally, but financially too.

One day, a wealthy customer comes up to your shop. Her angelic face is a reflection of her heart of gold. This could have been the love of your life, your partner in crime, the perfect gravy to your rice.

But all the stress finally caught up with you – you’re closing down.

success, failure, loss, heartbreak, love too much, grief
Does any part of this sound familiar?

I know it’s a crude way to look at our emotional investment in other people. Unfortunately, we can’t see love like the undervalued rice. We can’t quantify it in bags, and put a price tag on it.

And thus, because of the mistreatment and taken-for-granted relationships, so many people spend their lives doing more than they need to for those who don’t need it, and thus don’t appreciate it.

“I will never trust/love/marry again”.

By the time life gives them a chance to form better relations, they’re emotionally depleted. Scarred for life! So many people lose their focus from work, go into depression and become victims of substance abuse.

So what’s the takeaway, and how can we overcome this?

Just because you can offer more rice, doesn’t mean the other person needs it.

In reality, the best way to check this is- if you stopped doing some of your out-of-the-way gestures, would this person even notice? Probably not.

Even if they did, it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for them. The person that’s so used to being ‘spoiled’ might throw a couple of taunts and tantrums, but trust me – they’re not going anywhere! You’ll still be happy together. And imagine what you could do now, with all that spare time/effort!

no discount, sale, self-worth, self esteem, self love, self care, love, healthy relationship boundaries

Hang out more with the people that enjoy your rice.

Ever heard the saying, “marry someone that loves you, not someone that you love”? Of course you don’t have to enter a pretentious relation where you don’t feel invested, but everyone deserves security.

Whether it’s a friend or romantic interest, if you are constantly admitting that this person is ‘out of your league’, there’s a chance that your rice is made for someone else.

Don’t quit any relations, just go spend more of your time (probably saved from doing less, from the point above) with people that make you feel more loved!

love too much, relationships, stick men, analogy, cartoon, friendships, rich

Don’t close your shop. Use the rice that’s left, for yourself. Take a break, and come back with a better brand.

Don’t become ‘cold-hearted’. Don’t become a raging alcoholic. And don’t change yourself!

Use solitude, traveling, new hobbies, new friendships – handle it maturely. Invest your rice, your love, in YOU. And the best thing about self-love is that unlike rice which requires more money and planning, self-love generates on its own overtime, within YOU.

love too much, relationships, stick men, analogy, cartoon, friendships,

Self-love is a whole other topic to talk about though. If you’re looking for more ideas, take a look at this video.

Concluding Thoughts

This post is dedicated to every single person that’s loved a friend or romantic partner with all their heart, and still lost.

Don’t give up, it wasn’t really a loss. You just haven’t met your kind of people yet.

Keep going 🙂

P.S. Here’s another stick-men analogy about Identity Crisis, check it out!


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What are Soul Contracts & How Do They Influence Our Spiritual Journey?

What are Soul Contracts? Is our destiny predetermined? And many other spiritual reflections.

One day, YouTube unexpectedly brought me to Caroline Myss, whose spiritual ideas made it easier for me to recognize why things happen the way they do. She was the pioneer in my understanding of Soul Contracts.

Shortly after that, many other spiritual books I had begun to read further strengthened my understanding. Here’s an outline of the ideas I came across, blended with my interpretation and personal experiences.

The ‘Before-Life’

So, before we take birth there is a certain incubation period. Imagine that in this period, you huddle together with your companions for a meeting. These are the people you share your life with today.

From a person you talked to for a brief moment in the lift, a beggar on the street, your parents, your ex, to your life partner and everyone else in between. The purpose of this spiritual round-table conference is to decide the lessons you will learn in the life to come. These are soul contracts, being written for you as you get ready to pursue the next ride to Earth.

Group, Team, Feedback, Confirming, Soul Contracts

Everyone’s Role in Your Soul Contract

Of course, you cannot do this alone.

To learn the act of forgiveness, someone must take the responsibility to deeply hurt you. Thus providing you the choice to either forgive them or stay resentful.

To know how to be independent and strong, someone must ensure they abandon you at your worst hour. Thus giving you the opportunity to either stand up for yourself, or fall down and succumb to your circumstances.

So, everyone you meet has signed-up to help your soul’s evolution. YOU have signed-up too, to deal with them. Even the annoying ones. Yup!

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By knowing that everything is an elaborate play, you can allow yourself to grow. We don’t need to try to rationalize someone’s behavior. And our pain should guide us, not make us feel helpless.

The process of building yourself this way is called Ascension. As the name itself suggests – it is ascending or rising above the current state. The more you move up the ladder, the bigger a picture you’re able to see of your life.

You become detached, but much more loving towards everyone. Because now, you begin to see that we’ve all decided to do this together. To build each other up even if it means, ironically, breaking each other down sometimes.

At times, some people might find themselves experiencing an intensified feeling of the duality and separation in their relationships, as their own world-view shifts. This is a temporary phase in the stages of your awakening! Eventually, you’d be able to embrace the differences and step back into the Oneness.

Why are Soul Contracts different?

How you learn things will be unique, designed to suit your soul’s personality and requirements as you progress.

You may become the parent to a differently-abled child, so that you can learn to take care of and love someone unconditionally. Even if they may never be able to pay you back! And you might have to keep taking care of them for several years, before you truly understand this.

On the contrary, someone else might learn the lesson of unconditional love by having to deal with difficult siblings, or a stubborn partner who makes a lot of bad choices.

That’s why someone might have a financially booming career without putting in much effort, but suffer from acute illnesses and die early. At the same time, another person barely makes it through the days with a loaf of bread and water, yet manages to stay alive decades longer.

diversity, unique, special, group, spiritual contracts, soul lessons, soul blueprint
Not every experience is for you to have within one lifetime.

There are some lessons you have already mastered in the past, and there are others that will come to you when it’s your time.

Have you ever felt like your parents or someone much elder than you is acting irrational, and you’re the one parenting them? Yes, souls have different maturity levels. Don’t be fooled by the human relationship or age you’re in! Really, your soul has taken many lifespans to acquire a holistic and all-encompassing flavor of humanity.

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All that’s great – but where’s the proof?

I hear you! I myself have gone through many past life regression sessions and can vouch that we are made of many lifetimes’ worth of experience – our experience and lessons are NOT by chance.

The concept of before-life and afterlife are very fascinating and extensive subjects on their own. So what better a book to read, than Journey of Souls? These theories have been scientifically backed by decades’ worth of intense research conducted on voluntarily regressed patients, under the care of renowned hypnotherapist, Dr. Michael Newton.

Likewise, some other pioneers in this space include Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Eben Alexander and Jim B. Tucker. You can read more about their work in my other post, called 5 Bold Spiritual Books with Scientific Backing.

How Soul Contracts can transform your life

Analyze for your present situation – is there someone who’s difficult to deal with? Are you stuck in a circumstance and have no clue how to change it?

You must go deep down, and try to find the root cause. What haven’t you learned yet? What must you understand, so that you can stop running around in circles, and move forward to newer experiences?

Conscious living is the mind-set that says – you are a soul in a human body, here only for the soul’s evolution. This helps us keep the drama at bay.

What if you don’t want to learn?

As long as the lesson is resisted, it will resurface over and over again. And every time with a higher intensity, higher urgency. If you manage to let the lesson pass you in this lifetime, you’ll have to take it up in the next.

This is one way to look at innocent children who take birth and die soon after, from grave illnesses.

Through their soul contracts, they had to grasp how to be taken care of when they are absolutely helpless and crippled. Perhaps because they held too much pride in their past lives to take favors. So let’s put it this way – the only way out of it, is going to be through it.

destiny, fate, soul contracts

But don’t let that frighten you! When you allow yourself to look at everything as a catalyst for your soul’s growth, you begin to enjoy challenges. As a consequence, it gets easier to identify what’s missing/lacking from your palette and improve it.

You become powerful within, enough to be able to say “I’m going to acquire this new badge of honor.”

Thus, you consciously experience whatever life brings, catch hold of the lesson, and brush off the dust from the adventure to say, “This is good enough, now let’s explore something new”. That is where your role ends.

One Last Step

Now comes the role of the Universe – it’s going to test you. Once you believe that you’ve truly integrated a value into your life, the Universe is going to put forward a few more scenarios in your soul contracts, where you must display your recently acquired skill.

If you haven’t learned correctly, you may respond like an older version of yourself would’ve. If you are able to respond differently, you have made progress.

So, if you pass the test, the lesson is complete. Even if something reoccurs, it won’t have power over you, and you will feel the freedom and transformation taking place. If you don’t succeed, try again and see where you fell short.

the universe tests your understanding of soul contracts to see how much you've learned

This isn’t mockery from the Universe, it doesn’t “hate” you. It’s simply showing you that there’s more work to do in this certain chapter.

Also, get familiar with the divine laws of the Universe. Because you DON’T have to do this alone anymore. The Universe has your back even in the toughest of trials, and is simply waiting for you to call it forth into action.

Think of it as this – if you wanted to get from one destination to another by the fastest possible mode of transport, would you pick a motorcycle or bicycle to get there? In the same capacity, our ascension and evolution should be rapid.

So as you learn your life lessons, don’t be shy to ask for Divine Intervention and clarity on how to overcome the obstacles.

Does the suffering ever stop?

If you did your homework well for the test, then the best thing is going to happen to you. You’re going to laugh and say to the person who’s been treating you badly all this while – “hey, you don’t bother me anymore, I’m done with your BS”.

And within no time, you’re going to notice them change their behavior towards you.

Precisely what happens when young kids face their bullies – the bullies lose their power, and find a new target. This is very fast-paced, it doesn’t have to take weeks or months to happen for you. I have seen a lot of this happen rapidly in personal, unpleasant encounters too.

soul contracts, soulmates
Another point worth noting is that YOU have an equally important role to play in other’s lives.

A more serious example is, you might have signed up the contract to enter into a relation where there is domestic violence inflicted on you, so that you can inspire others in the same situation around you when you finally take a stand for yourself and put your partner behind bars. It makes sacrifices like Nirbhaya’s no longer go in vain – she revolutionized women’s safety for the people of India. I salute you, warrior soul. 🙂

It is your side of the contract to bring out the best in some people, and the worst in others, just like they do for you.

Closing Thoughts on Soul Contracts

Buddha spent a really long time, through meditation, to find the end to suffering. The thing is, in this time and era, with the rise of inhumanity and atrocities, we don’t have enough time left to leave everything behind and explore our inner truth in isolation. If we want to flip life around for humanity, it needs to happen fast, and now!

Look around you – people are growing spiritual in their own chaotic lives. They’re meditating indoors, balancing their chakras, learning healing techniques, and discussing souls a lot more freely.

meditation, mindfulness, healing, self reflection

The point is – you can end your suffering, and the way is to be conscious of life itself. For minds that are curious about the ‘why’, clarity on these questions can become humbling, and becomes a great alternative to end suffering. All the best!

My sincere gratitude to the following key writers of some phenomenal spiritual works, which have been catalysts in the transformation of my life. Here is a list of these authors and some of their finest works.


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The 10 Divine Laws of the Universe & How To Use Them In Your Journey

Free will, Karma, Religion and many other spiritual concepts are understandable with the Universe’s Divine Laws. Check them out!

It’s important to become aware of the fundamental laws that govern our Universe, in order to build our spiritual foundation. But unlike societal laws, Divine Laws are never broken.

Even if you don’t believe in them, these Cosmic Laws still apply to you and to every other form of energy, from a single atom to a giant blue whale.

I would consider them the starter pack to Spirituality, the things that we’ve known all along at a soul-level but have forgotten due to the ‘amnesia’ of our human life. Let’s take a look at these laws now, shall we? 🙂

#1 – The Divine Law of Free Will

Everyone has the right to decide how they react at every instance in life. That means, among other examples, you can NOT use the law of attraction to attract a specific person into your love life.

Good, Bad, Opposite, Choice, Choose, Divine Laws of the Universe

Hate to break it to you – but you have to stop blaming the Universe, and start respecting personal choices.

God does not micromanage, and we are not puppets. Which is also why God doesn’t “stop” wars or terrorism, or child trafficking – WE as a race, as a collective have allowed and brought this upon ourselves, and are thus accountable for it. It’s time we learned to take ownership of our actions.

There are a lot of other misconceptions about God worth demystifying, by the way.

This is also known as the law of inspired action, because it states that we are not independent or unaware of the bigger picture. We are constantly tapping in and out of God’s plan!

And any time we are inspired to act in a certain way, it is our free will that is set into motion thanks to our angels and spirit guides whispering divine guidance into our ears.

#2 – The Divine Law of Cause and Effect

This is probably the most misunderstood of all the divine laws. Karma is simply restoring balance for ALL things, bringing everything full cycle. So any good that’s in your life, is also karma.

Karma is NOT always the bad guy.

Your well-being, finances, relationships, friends that share good food and music, all are a reward for the good karma. So stop being scared of it, because you will always get what you deserve – the good and the bad, both.

And start treating the law of cause and effect simply as bringing life to a full circle.

#3 – The Law of Divine Compensation

You’re not wrong to expect something in return for what you do for others. And you might wonder why despite all the good you do for someone, it doesn’t come back from them. Where’d all the good Karma go now, eh?

Remember free will?

Well, that person is executing their free will in treating you with less love. That’s not your fault. However, through the law of divine compensation, the Universe will always bring that love to you, through a different means.

Let go – you will quickly notice someone much more loving take his or her place. This isn’t just about romantic relations, it’s true for everything – you will find someone else playing the role of a better sister, brother, best friend, mother, father if you can stop being stuck on the one who’s failing to.

happy multiracial friends embracing on bench after basketball training

By holding onto toxic and less-than-deserving relations, you’re the one holding back from the Universe reaching out to you and delivering what you so desire (and deserve). If that sounds like a struggle you’re dealing with, take a minute to understand how to stop loving too much.

And this isn’t limited to love. It is applicable to opportunities, to resources, to rewards. You can’t be jinxed out of your good karma, and you can’t be deprived of what you truly deserve.

Sure, somebody might try to harm you in the short-term, for their own benefit, but you will be given what you deserve. At your end, just stay open to receiving.

#4 – The Divine Law of Grace

As humans, we are way too hard on ourselves.

And for some reason, we believe that God is that way too. We get worried about punishment, or worse, going to hell. Before I expand further on this law, I want to take two minutes, to clarify on this whole ideology of going to hell, to begin with.

So, with that clarified, let’s proceed.

Instead of trying to please God or boost the ego of the man ‘sitting up there’, divine laws like these remind us of grace and compassion.

Think of it – the Creator isn’t just sitting in a temple to be worshipped or offered sweet treats to. Rather, she (or he) is everywhere and in everything, always listening to you. Omnipresent. Fully aware of everything going on around you, and within you. Even before you are aware of your own needs.

So don’t hesitate to tap into that all-knowing, all-pervasive divine being, and ask for grace.

No matter where you are, or WHO you are, when you tap into the Infinite Source with a true intention, you are graced with miracles beyond imagination.

Here’s an example of how you can sit down and tap into that divine grace.

#5 – The Divine Law of Oneness

There is only ‘one-God’, an Ultimate Creator.

Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, or Christ are not Gods, in the sense that we’ve made them to be. They too are souls, just like us.

They are, however, Enlightened souls that became messengers of the Universe, spreading the message of Love and Peace in dire times when the world was losing sight of its direction.

divine intervention, divine laws

Respecting such Enlightened souls is great. Following scriptures that talk of their Divine Messages is fine too. And through prayer you are simply seeking their support in your life. But no ‘God’ is better than the other.

They are not meant to be idolized and merely kept at an alter. Rather their truths are mean to be embodied, so that WE can be the very Gods we worship.

Going further into this law, it teaches us to embrace the duality and practice tolerance, by remembering that we are all connected as a collective consciousness.

Everyone is simply following their own Spiritual path, and invoking any ‘God’ is simply tapping into their unique strengths. We are all a part of the Universe, and thus there is only One of us actually here. The Ultimate Creator, and we are Him/Her existing.

If you’re really willing to open your mind, start praying to ALL of them. Having an entire team working with you increases your chances of gliding smoothly through life exponentially! Which brings me to the next point.

#6 – The Law of Divine Intervention

No one is keeping score up there, for how well you managed to run through your life’s hurdles all by your glorious self. The only thing being tracked is how fast you’re Ascending and how humanely.

This law reminds us that there’s no need to struggle unnecessarily, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. There are no brownie points for suffering more. That’s all there’s to it folks. Pray all you want – nobody’s judging you!

I have written tons of stories and examples, examining the different ways in which the law of divine intervention works in our life. Let the Universe create for you, by learning to surrender and invite the change you typically resist.

#7 – The Law of Correspondence

Or, as the saying goes, as above, so below.

You are capable of becoming just as Enlightened and powerful as the God you worship. You actually, eventually will be, FYI. That’s the whole purpose of this journey and the point of talking about these divine laws.

I can’t make as convincing a case in a few hundred words, as a book could. So if you’re looking for a mind-blowing, compelling argument, Conversations with God is the book that will challenge your belief system about this.


#8 – The Divine Law of Absolution

A major responsibility we have in life is to respond to external events with acceptance, faith, and grace. You need to ask yourself, what is the the underlying lesson in this, and approach it with learning, instead of anger.

Everything is absolute and will come to completion in due course of time. No sooner, no later.

In other words, if you’re not meant to die – you will survive that accident even if everyone else does not.

If you’re not meant to reach somewhere, you will notice indefinite hardships that eventually stop you from getting there.

These are extreme but important examples, because some events in our destiny are planned for us, to challenge our learning. Instead of denying or getting furious, it is better to quickly move into learning the lesson and growing your spiritual strength!

#9 – The Divine Law of Infinite Possibilities

There are people who come to work every day and crib about how awful it is. But, are we doing something about it?

The same goes for relationships – you give excuses in the name of ‘no choice’ to stay in unhealthy relations. And then, you mourn how poorly you’re being treated. It is true for everything in life.

Anything you can crib about is capable of being swapped for something better. It’s available, but the question is – how badly do you want it?

fantasy, imagination, divine

The Universe does not want you to be unhappy and the divine laws remind you that this is all really ego-talk and inner resistance.

Fear is making us too scared to explore, too afraid to step outside the comfort zone. And so you see, you’re the one that’s settling for less than the best.

The Universe always has our back. We are the ones that need to make a choice to want more, to want a shift that holds room for this Divinity to be a daily part of out life.

We are the ones that need to step outside the limiting beliefs of our logical, conditioned mind. So, if you ever think of what’s possible for you, let this law remind you, that everything is. You don’t need to focus on the how, just that if you believe in it, it can be true for you.

#10 – The Divine Law of Guidance

There are no such thing as coincidences.

Have you ever experienced this, where you kept seeing, hearing, and reading something from various sources? Where psychology will dial it down and call it Confirmation Bias, the Universe does not believe in coincidences.

Pay attention when the Universe speaks to you. If you’re looking for signs – stop ignoring them when they do happen for you! Angel Numbers, feathers, dreams, and intuitive hits often become a huge part of these synchronicities we see.

Here are all the different signs of divine guidance, and how you can pay attention to their underlying messages.

Note: I’m not talking about social media websites drawing in ads of things you browse. That’s not the Universe, that’s just a lot of creepy AI.

Concluding Thoughts

All that being said, if you asked me where you should start from in your spiritual journey, I’d say start from here. Allow yourself to put these divine laws to test for you.

And take note of how they manifest in your spiritual journey. The more you are able to work with them, the more grounded you will become in your spiritual faith. And the more you will experience the soul, finally being able to identify and heal the ego-mind.

Happy healing, dear one!

Ready to take your healing deeper? Let’s talk about it! You’re welcome to setup a complimentary 30-minutes call using this form, and learn how you can set your spiritual plans into action. See you soon!

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