Spiritual Art : How to Use Art Therapy For Self-healing

What are the different types of spiritual art that you can create? How can art therapy help you heal? Here’s a colorful post!

Even if you’re NOT an artist, you’ll want to try this! Because when I first began my spiritual journey, it invoked a random interest to start painting. And for months on end, I was creating spiritual art, without knowing why.

Reflecting back on those days, I can see how it became an outlet to channel my energy. Here’s a little bit of what was happening behind the scenes, before I share some tips to create your own inspirational artwork, regardless of how talented you think you aren’t (or are).

How I Expressed Myself With Spiritual Art

I had thoughts fluctuating between attaining enlightenment, and from finding my twin flame, to finding my life purpose and a devotional longing towards Lord Shiva. So, my paintings revolved around these themes too.

Then, for a short period, as I experienced a mystic’s lens of spirituality, I constantly craved to paint large canvases of the Universe. MY Universe, I’d call it.

5 Different Ways You Can Use Art In Your Spiritual Journey

As such, there have been many variations and types of spiritual art in my journey.

More recently, I have been inclined towards creating collage-styled artwork. I’ll share more about that next, and then walk you through some other art therapy techniques to help you in your journey towards self-healing.

#1 – Creating a Spiritual Collage

This has been so therapeutic, that I decided to create a fun workshop for everyone to join me in!

Spiritual collage by vasundhra gupta

The idea is to inspire even the non-artists to express their spiritual journey in the form of words, symbols, colors and patterns. If you’d like to join one of these webinars, drop me a note and I’ll let you know the schedule. ๐Ÿ™‚

#2 – Morning Walks & Nature-Based Artwork

When I was swooning over bullet journal pages on Instagram, I really resonated with the idea of using mother nature’s fallen warriors as a reminder of our own memories during a walk.

So, all you need to do is go on a silent, mindful walk. No headphones, no walking partners, nothing! Just you, and your intention to reflect on something meaningful.

butterfly, nature, journaling, walking meditation, art therapy, spiritual art, natural beauty

As you spend 15-20 minutes reflecting, allow yourself to end the walk with a particular leaf, flower or feather that comes across your path. This must be a fallen one and not something you pluck.

Stick nature’s fallen warrior in either a notebook or loose paper, and pen your thoughts around your mindful walk. Your thoughts don’t need to be polished or fancy – they can be just as candid and raw as the very object you picked up. ๐Ÿ™‚

#3 – Spiritual Art for Daily Life

Of course you don’t have to be an artist to create spiritual art. Sometimes, even the non-artists wake up with the desire to express themselves in creative ways.

Even if you don’t decide to paint a full-blown canvas painting of the Buddha, here are some more suggestions that can help you incorporate spiritual art into your surroundings.

Create your own bookmarks.

This can be as simple as drawing a lotus, butterfly or writing a quote on a rectangle paper. Here are some bookmarks I’ve created for myself!

Spiritual bookmarks
Design minimalistic birthday notes and greeting cards to spread your light.

Over the summer, my husband and I have been dropping random, positive notes around our city. Again, you don’t have to be fancy! Something as simple as, “the Universe has your back” written on a note can empower anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

thank you notes, spiritual art, spread the light, healing cards, spiritual cards, gratitude
Create an inspiration board with handwritten quotes and symbols.

My inspiration board has been a work in progress, and I’ve been experimenting with watercolors. But here’s an idea of what it looks like, at the time of writing this post.

inspiration board with handwritten quotes, spiritual art, art therapy, vision board

#4 – Spiritual Tattoos

If you’re daring (and willing) enough, get a tattoo! It can act as a great reminder to embody a certain message, symbol or value whenever we see it sketched into our skin.

tattoos for spiritual journey

Personally, I’ve been on and off the tattoo bandwagon for years now! And I haven’t ever been able to feel strongly enough about a symbol, to make it permanent.

But I do have some spiritual tattoo ideas that I’ve collected along the way, which I thought of sharing with anyone that’s interested.

  • Yin Yang – Symbolizes that there’s something good and bad in everything.
  • Spiritual symbols like a lotus, butterfly, Om, chakras, third-eye, etc.
  • Tree of Life – representing growth, and the circle of life and death.
  • Spiritual Mantras in native fonts, like Om Namah Shivay, written in Sanskrit.

#5 – Spiritual Art As Art Therapy

There are some incredible ways to use colors and creativity, to acknowledge and experience the divine in one’s life.

art therapy for self healing

Some of the other methods worth exploring, which I teach in my courses include:

  • Using colors to understand how energy flows in our body;
  • Color therapy to navigate shadow emotions and events;
  • Color therapy for Chakra balancing;
  • Using colors, shapes and symbols for thought transformation (NLP);
  • Art therapy to overcome fears and hurdles.

These are more advanced and exciting ways to transform our relationship with art. If you’d like to learn more about art therapy for self-healing, you’re welcome to drop me a note here! ๐Ÿ™‚

Concluding Thoughts

You don’t have to be an artist to experience your creative side. And just like music, art can be a beautiful gateway into one’s soul.

What forms of spiritual art are you practicing that help you connect with the Universe? Drop a comment and let me know!


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  1. Out of all, the most favourite one for me is the thank you notes that one can drop to loved ones or relatives. I love to spread the light around by giving random little trinkets/gifts in the hope that it can lighten and brighten somebodyโ€™s day. Works beautifully with art for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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