Embracing the Divine Light Within, By Shivangi

After a vivid dream shook Shivangi to her core, she wrote this compelling spiritual reflection on the nature of Divine Light and Self-Awareness.

After a vivid dream about something that shook my core, I was reminded of the beauty of the world we live in. That beauty is all there is, around us. The love that we share, forget and are reminded. The message, to embrace the Divine Light within all of us.

The Dream That Woke Me Up

In my dream, I saw that I was in my hometown, where I had grown up for the most part of my life. There, my entire family was present. But something felt off.

There was a dire siren that was echoing in the whole society. I saw a festival that people were celebrating in which… they fight. Yes, take lathis and fight each other! Saying that it is God’s Will so as to see who has to survive. Fighting in the name of God.

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Well, the actual festival lasted only moments and nothing serious happened during it but after it had ended, the people turned dark. Women from all castes and backgrounds decided to fight each other to see who will win.

Who does God want to win? All women who used to be sensible, reputable, rational joined the drama and took part in the “holy” fight.

My family was inside the house. Safe and sound. I thanked God for keeping them safe. But around my home, in the balconies, rooftop, everywhere I saw women, along with their very young children, with lathis in their hands, were all trying to get inside.

Protest, Demonstration, Communism, Fight, Women, Dream,

To not just provoke us silent beings who were merely showing disinterest in this activity, but they wanted to include each and every woman of all the families that reside in that area. So as to make the fight fair, everyone should be involved.

Yes, not only women but children and those people who showed disinterest were made a part of this too!

Now, those people were trying to get into my home from the balcony. Here comes the crazy part. I opened the door and told with oh-so-much love that I, rather We, our family is not interested.

They were throwing colours on each other and were trying to throw some on me too. I told them I am seriously allergic to colours and they should not throw it but to my utter surprise, none of what I said was reaching out to them. They had all become dark.

Even the children who didn’t even know what the society was pushing them into. I was holding the door with all my might so as not to let them in. They were too many. Unable to handle, I couldn’t take it anymore and I woke up. 

A Spark of Divine Light in Dark Times

After waking up, I remembered God, the Divine Light.

Fantasy, Guardian Angel, Angel, Divine Light, Healing, Mass Awakening, Spirituality

I knew that we have seen enough of this. I’m not here to keep being a victim to all the wounds that society has subjected itself into. I want to be part of something bigger. I want to see with my eyes, yes, in this world, utopia.

People being there for each other.
Them, understanding what essence they are made of.
People being heard.
Nobody being left alone.
Not associating themselves with their ego-minds.
People understanding that We all are One.

One is All and All is One.

We wouldn’t hate if we saw this in our brothers and sisters. We wouldn’t hate if we knew that it stems from fear, and instead would remember to love in the scariest, most brutal of times.

Yes, that seems like a time that was not-long-ago. Humanity has indeed come from a very dark period. But look, here we are, still living.

We thought we are all going to die because of an apocalypse happened in 2012. But we are still living.

Earth, Globe, Water, Wave, Sea, Lake, Mass Awakening, Spirituality, Apocalypse, Divine Light

We have undergone a massive transformation. Each one of us. Our whole planet keeps shifting, changing, levelling up with us. Yes, we bring the change, we are the masters, the creators.

Signs of Mass Awakening

I remembered, change comes from within. And it’s my love for all the beings that I need to see sprouting in others too.

We are now seeing a mass awakening that is happening. One person at a time seeing a shift in their self-awareness. Loving, remembering their home, remembering who they are. Choosing love each time. No matter how difficult life seems.

Always following the heart.
Always choosing to help, love, brighten the lives of everybody on Earth. That’s the world we are heading into my friend.

Closing Thoughts

My dream was only an indication of how strong the collective consciousness is. A person could either overlook it, saying it’s the matter of the subconscious and what you think is what you see in dreams.

Or you take it as a strong indication of Love.
That is there.
That is here, within you.
Within all of us.

Just follow that. It’ll be worth the efforts of every soul that has incarnated on this planet to make it a joyful, loving place. Let’s embrace the Divine Light within all of us.

Love & Light,


Shivangi Srivastava
Shivangi Srivastava

Shivangi is a nature lover, and an aspiring writer who has interests in art, music and all things about the universe and beyond.
She loves to connect with people one-on-one.

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