Tuning Into Divine Love Through Breathwork, By Suzi N

How can you tap into the all pervasive divine love of the universe through simple breathing exercises and meditation? Read this to know more!

Breathwork, or simple breathing exercises are a great way to tune back into the present moment, as well as to relax yourself into a meditative state. A new spiritual writer, Suzi wrote this wonderful article to relate her recent experience with divine love, and how it happened during her breathing rituals.

I hope you enjoy reading this gentle piece just as much as I did! Here’s what she wrote.

Modern life is hectic. We get caught up in feelings of worry, stress, and fear that block us from living in our naturally compassionate sense of being.

Unfortunately, society has trained us to believe that love is a reward for good behavior. However, this is not the case at all.

Love, the divine kind, is abundant around us and free to take whenever we need it. And it is as easy as taking a breath.

deep breathing helps you tap into the divine love around you

When we bring our attention to the breath and allow ourselves to slow down, the soul will relax into the feeling of love and begin to feel rejuvenated. Peace will lift the soul.

And as the breath continues to expand, so does the love within and around us.

Opening myself up to receiving this divine love has blessed me with the gift of feeling wholehearted love for myself and all other beings. It has helped me feel connected and at peace with the ever-changing, impermanent world around me.

It has expanded my gratitude for life, as I no longer want for more, but indulge myself in the luxuries I am already blessed to have. Each small moment is cherished, as if I were looking back on it as a memory that I wished was still my reality.

This is not to say I am at complete peace, practice is essential. But receiving love from the Divine is teaching me to acknowledge my needs, by pampering my soul with love and then listening for where it is still hurting.

The hurt may be physical, emotional, or they may be nothing left that needs healing. But from that, I am able to discover where I need more love in my life.

Paying attention to the needs within our mind and body strengthens the ability to be present with our thoughts, emotions, and daily life encounters.

As conscious beings, there is a constant stream of thoughts being played about either the past, present, or future. Each having a different impact on our mental state.

quote calligraphy under cup of lemon tea

Thoughts of the past will likely bring up feelings of lack, and longing for what once was.

We stream our fondest memories on repeat, making reality seem dull and imperfect. We punish ourselves greatly by reliving feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. Tampering with our reality and blocking ourselves from receiving the joy of the present moment.

Our inability to control the future and constant changing of the world will likely lead to feelings of disappointment when the images of the future we constructed in our heads don’t turn out to be the reality.

Alternatively, anxiously dreading a future event is likely to make us shy away from new experiences and stop us from growing as people.

Being present, however, opens us up to our surroundings and possibilities.

Not only is it easier to hear our own needs, but also the feelings and needs of others. Paying close attention to the words your loved ones speak may reveal a greater meaning behind their words.

We can listen to what they are needing and respond compassionately, resulting in better relationships. It gives us our inner child an opportunity to be impulsive and do things we would normally think twice about.

Being present will help you live your life to the fullest and stretch your gratitude to the moon.

Think about. How would you feel experiencing the unfailing, ever-present love of the Divine? And to know that you have the ability to feel connected to that warmth, whenever you need it?

woman on beach with rainbow, divine love is all around us

Here’s a meditation taught to me by a beautiful instructor that enriched my soul with peace.

Setting the intention to connect to the Divine.

You may not call it Divine.

To you, it may be something else. Source, spirit, creator, God. But to me, the Divine is the elegant spirit that brings the beauty of this world, to life.

Set the intention and be open to receiving the unconditional love of the Divine. May it be poured through my essence with every breath. Finding a comfortable pace, breathe in and out through the mouth.

Inhaling, deep, quenching breaths of life, that open me up to receiving love. Exhaling, loud relaxing breaths, that let go of tension and relax into love. We dance like this for the next 30 minutes.

Music plays to warm and comfort the soul as I relax deeper and deeper into the breath. Aware that nothing has to happen. All I simply have to do is breathe.

Melodies and the ocean sound of my breath, working together to calm the mind. I welcome thoughts as an observer, hear what they have to say, and then let them pass.

Choosing not to get caught up in thought, focusing all attention on the love flowing through my being. Mouth wide, my mind’s eye begins to see golden, glistening light shining down onto me.

An unbreakable connection of love has formed. The tingling sensation of being sun kissed by the Divine encourages my breath to deepen, filling every crevice of my body with the loving light, radiating every cell with peace, love, and freedom.

woman doing hand heart sign

Mind, body, and soul cleansed. Nothing but love left behind. A cloud drifting in the skies, dancing with the Divine, becoming one. Working together in perfect harmony to spread divine love around the world.

Our human purpose becoming clear. Love and be loved.

Gracious for the love I now hold within me, my breath returns to normal, in and out through the nose. Swimming in the loving energy within and around me, I place my hands on my heart and call for any negative energy left to surface.

To my grace, nothing but a weightless feeling of love takes over me.

Welcome to the world of feeling love, through a simple breath, in and out through the mouth.

Suzi Newman
Suzi Newman

Suzi is a spiritual writer. She believes everyone has the right to know the power they hold within themselves. Her goal is to help spiritual entrepreneurs spread their message.

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