Does Your Zodiac Sign Influence You?

Are you ready to give yourself the permission to undo your zodiac personality traits, be more than what your natal chart says? Read on.

Most of us have an inclination to learn more about our personality types. And, the zodiac signs seem to be fairly accurate for most of us.

These zodiac personality traits tell us about our tendency to behave in certain ways in day-to-day situations, based on our date of birth.

But the path of healing and self-awareness raises a simple question that pushes me to continue evolving.

Now that I have become aware of a limitation about myself, how can I make it into my strength?

Using the personality traits of a Virgo women as described in Speaking Tree, here’s how I un-zodiac-ed myself and allowed myself to be more than a Virgo woman.

And hopefully, I can inspire you to expand your personality more too!

#1 – Unsolicited Advice

“She always believes that she knows what is best for those around her and therefore throws caring advice whether accepted or not.”

The biggest lesson in 2019 was that I CANNOT change anyone else, except myself. I can only hope that when I tell people how I feel, they will be considerate enough to behave differently.

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How did I stop giving unsolicited advice? With three small steps.

  • First, is to pause and ask someone clearly, if they are looking for my advice on their issue, or just need me to listen.
  • Second, when someone is merely venting, I simply bite down my tongue, reminding myself to only share opinions when asked.
  • Third, if it’s something that I need to initiate, such as telling someone I didn’t like their behaviour, I ask myself – why does this impact me? Many times, being able to reflect within makes me more aware of my needs. And if at all a confrontation is required, it is not from an emotionally all-over-the-place way, rather a healthy, boundary-setting one.

#2 – Perfectionism

“Virgo born women are obsessed with a sense of cleanliness in anything and everything.”

Living with a messy (yet very joyful) spouse taught me one thing – organised doesn’t always equal happy. We don’t live in hotels, and our houses don’t have to always look that way. It’s okay to display signs of living and using things.

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Also, other ways of releasing my need to make-perfect, is to continue to post my content that doesn’t always resonate with other people or isn’t always ‘polished’.

I also no longer take lead in planning events or vacations. AND, I allow people around me to make mistakes, without trying to give them a hard time about it. (still work on the last bit)

#3 – Masculine-dominant energies

“When she feels the arrival of genuine love in her life, she will experience a sweeping feeling and move towards projecting her attractive feminine qualities.”

I have always been too shy to wear dresses, and considered make-up somewhat superficial and unnecessary. My wedding brought that change within me, which allowed me to embrace my femininity in ways I neglected before.

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Not just physical appearance, but I have embraced the quality of being ‘courted’, recieving love and help, and not necessarily always courting. Thus, tapping and balancing my feminine energies.

#4 – Seeking validation

“She craves to be recognised and praised. However, a Virgo woman can never take blame or criticism sportively or constructively.”

Self-love came a little more naturally to me than enduring criticism.

Here’s what works for me – practicing the PAUSE when being criticised.

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If we can keep our mental turbulence in check at the actual time of provocation, we can reduce any further drama or volcano-like emotional eruption.

Read More : Seeking Validation in 3 Ways

Later being able to reflect on, and revert on the thing that troubled you is a skill you cannot inherit. Teach yourself that there’s always a next time, and every conversation doesn’t have to be a battle where you have the last say or wittiest comeback.

#5 – Emotionally aloof

“When she escapes into her private world to suffer the blow in silence, she will never like her friends to extend their caring hands to pacify her.”

Having grown up with the mentality that “I got this”, I rarely ever spoke up about my problems within my family. I was more of the advice giver, than taker.

But now, I am learning to share and embrace my imperfections and mood swings. And simply being able to be myself makes a lot of difference.

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Permit yourself to exist, just the way you are. Accept yourself, and then the world will too.


It is always inspiring to reflect on how far we’ve come.

So I want to leave you with the thought, if there were 5 ‘negative’ traits that could describe your zodiac sign, how many of them would you say you have overcome over these years of conscious evolution?


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