How to Recognize a Karmic Connection With Someone, by Aaron

Reincarnation, soul contracts, the law of karma and an introspection on our karmic connection with people in our life. Guest post by Aaron Lin.

“I saw that you haven’t covered this topic, although you have covered karma pretty extensively in general”, read his email. I smiled. Its true! While I’ve talked about karma and soul contracts, I never thought of writing about how to recognize when a karmic connection is taking place in our life.

And that’s how this interesting collaboration with the Individualogist came into fruition. Here’s what the archetype-specialist Aaron had to say on the subject.

Reincarnation has long been spoken about in Hindu scriptures. It’s one of the more popular theories sought after, about life’s nature.

Seeing life as an interconnected string, our physical death is not always interpreted as something that leads to a total disconnection. Instead, some beliefs perceive it merely as the death of the body, and the transitioning of the soul.

Then, the soul is transferred on another life form with a different context. Hinduism, for instance, would say that the next life will only be as good as the Karma that we’ve put into the current one.

When someone is born poor, this belief suggests that the person did unspeakable deeds in their past life. Similarly, someone who did well in their previous lives would be reborn in a far better situation.

But did you know that as the soul lives its next life or next thousands of lives, it carries with it the various relationships and experiences it’s had.

So, how do you recognize that a karmic connection is taking place with someone?

Here are 3 tips.

Tip #1: You’re mysteriously drawn towards their existence.

The first thing to take note of is that mysterious, unexplainable feeling where you’re just somehow drawn towards someone.

Intuitively, you feel drawn to their existence without practical or rational reasons at all. Simply because that’s what your karmic energies exude.
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We don’t have awareness of our past lives and who we contracted to form relationships with. So it comes as no surprise that we’re unable to comprehend this mystical connection.

Even so, you constantly find yourself thinking of that person subconsciously. If you’re not yet acquainted with that person, you’ll have random moments wanting to know them better.

Thus, no matter how much you try to run away from this feeling, it constantly haunts you. As that is the nature of Karma itself!

Tip #2: You feel intuitively connected with this person.

While the first tip focuses on the mystery in the connection, the second highlights the intuitive knowledge you have about someone.

This examines the concept of wavelength in a relationship.

Literally, wavelength is defined as some sort of similarity between one’s thoughts with another’s, pinpointing the seamless connection between them. So in this case, that intuitive connection with others is born out of reason no other than your Karmic Connection.

Think of your internet connection for instance. The stronger it is, the quicker you’re able to download files and resources, right?

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Similarly, having a strong karmic connection with someone relays the same feeling. You’re able to intuitively perceive their thoughts and feelings without having to force things.

I used internet connections as an example since the internet is nothing more than the mere passing of data between endless networks. I remember having a 54/kbps dial-up router a long time ago, signifying how ‘slow’ the connection was compared to now. 

So my point here is that when there’s a mysteriously strong connection between people, where thoughts are transferred easily to one another (like telepathy), it can be identified as a form of karmic connection.

Tip #3: The Universe is bringing things together for you two.

The debate often revolves around whether or not free will exists, in trying to understand the concept of destiny.

For some, free will is irreconcilable with destiny. Afterall, you wouldn’t be free if you’re destined to do certain things in life.Though true to a certain extent, a general majority still believes that you are indeed, truly free.

Yet, you’ll realize you’re destined to meet certain people in life. Particularly those whom you have a strong karmic connection with. Why is that?

Ultimately, the power of the Universe is behind this. As the very string where all of life is connected, the Universe can bring certain elements together and apart.
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And for those who have unfinished business from their past lives, the Universe finds a way to bring them together. Whether these past experiences are positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. It is simply the natural response from the Universe to place the puzzle pieces wherever they fit.

In order to serve the Laws of Karma itself and restore order, the Universe magically puts things together. Yes, without us even knowing it!

Final Word

Having a strong karmic connection with someone naturally reveals itself to us in due time. Without the need to search for it or force things out, we’ll feel that strong, albeit intuitive connection with others.

Thus, in noticing karmic connections, we allow the Universe to work its magic more seamlessly. So it’s crucial to pay attention to these 3 tips and maintain a high level of intuition and spirituality!

Aaron Lin
Aaron Lin

This article is written by Aaron from, a personal development resource that focuses on applying jungian psychology to transformational methods.

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