5 Fascinating Experiments That Explore the Science of Spirituality, By Brian A.

How can science explain spirituality? Here are incredible experiments that explore the truth of energy, healing and other spiritual ideas.

Spirituality is often thought of as being outside of scientific understanding and yet quantum physics, while still a mystery, is bringing us closer to understanding that which was once thought impossible. Through this article, Brian Alexander, the author of The God Matrix and a writer, lecturer, counsellor and martial arts master shares fascinating experiments that highlight the science of spirituality. Here is what he says.

In order to understand the science behind spirituality we first have to define spirituality. A quick internet search shows a myriad of definitions although there is a common thread running between them—that is the sense of or belief in or connection to something greater than self. It is the connection that we are exploring here. And through understanding the connection to spirituality, we begin to understand spirituality.

The connection to spirituality energy; energy is everything and everywhere. Each culture and language has its own words to describe energy.

Spirit energy is at this point not directly seen or measurable but observation shows it exists. From quantum physics we often hear about quantum entanglement where pairs of subatomic particles, like electrons are entangled and then if one of the particles is ‘flipped’ the other one instantly flips.

This happens if the particles are beside each other or one hundred million light years apart. But how does the distant particle know that its partner has been ‘flipped’? There has to be some type of energetic connection between them. Let’s explore some of the connections together.

#1 – My science experiments with spirituality.

Being interested in energy and energetic healing, I studied and developed my own programs for working with energy. In a fun demonstration of the energy inherent in the body’s systems I would have someone stand in front of me holding their arm out in front of them, fist closed.

science experiment to understand how energy works

Using one or two fingers I would put downward pressure on the hand. Everyone can resist this pressure to a certain level. I would then stand several paces away from the person and direct energy up the person’s arm. Again testing with light pressure the arm was demonstrably weaker. In order to determine if this was a true effect I created a double blind experiment, to eliminate any chance of prediction.

I put 10 pieces of paper in a bowl, 5 said ‘test’ and 5 ‘no test’. First, I had the person holding the arm out blindfolded and the tester was turned so they could not see whether I directed energy or not. I would draw out one of the slips and follow the instruction as to whether to direct energy or not. Then I would turn around so I could not see the results of the test.

The end result was that seven out of ten times the tester’s results corresponded with the sender.

This is a strong correlation that something is definitely happening. Two of the three that tested wrong were in the last five, which showed that everyone was getting tired. I had not allowed enough time to relax between tests.

While we have no way of measuring this energetic connection at this time, we can look at a more human use of this energy to better understand it’s form and function.

#2 – When mice experience healing.

Dr Larry Dossey in his book, Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body To A New Era of Healing, talks about faith based and energy healing. In one example he mentions a researcher, Bernard Grad, from McGill University in Montreal. Grad did a number of studies on healing, both local and nonlocal. In one the studies a group of mice had small incisions placed on their backs.

mice experimenting with spirituality

They were then divided into three groups – a control group, a group affected by energy healers and a group that were put in a simulated healing environment but without a healer. Many of the studies were double blind, in other words the ones tabulating the results did not know which mice were which.

The mice affected by the healer showed increased healing; even the mice where the healer did not come in direct contact but rather looked at them on a monitor.

These studies were done in the early 1960s. And were some of the first scientific studies done on energy healing both from a local and a nonlocal or distance perspective.

People often dismiss these results citing the power of positive thinking and the placebo effect. It should be noted however that these mice were not given any special training in either positive thinking or placebos.

These studies show the positive effect one person can have on another through energy contact. What should be noted is that the person affecting the healing contact did not have to be in the same room or even the same part of the country for the effects to work.

#3 – When science recognizes energy healing as alternate therapy.

The work of Dr. Gran inspired others to continue with the research. One of those people was Dr. Dolores Krieger a professor of nursing at New York University.

In his book Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber tells how Dr. Krieger became enthused with the work of Dr. Gran and wanted to see if she could discover physiological changes in humans who had been treated with energy healers. She involved herself with others doing similar studies by offering to provide medical exams to the patients.

energy healing, reiki, science of spirituality

In her research she discovered significant increase in haemoglobin values in healer-treated patients as compared to the control group. This was enough to validate the fact the energy healing had a physiological impact.

Excited by the results Dr. Krieger wanted to know if anybody could be an energy healer. Being told no by local healers did not deter her. She began to study the various methods of energy and touch healing. She later synthesized this in a program she called Therapeutic Touch and began to teach it to nurses.

There are so many other energy healing practices, like Reiki, Pranik Healing, Crystal Healing, etc that deliver such miracle recoveries.

#4 – The telepathy-like connection between different species.

Energy is all around us. We are surrounded by it, immersed in it and affected by it. It is the primary method of communication, especially between species. Nothing demonstrates this more than a study highlighted in, The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. 

Many dog owners are aware of a connection that exists between them and their pets. It is not uncommon for a dog to head towards the front door when their human companion leaves from wherever they are to start heading home.

Something similar can happen with house plants. Well not heading to the door! But the plants can energetically know when their waterer is in a state of distress.

plants can respond to energy, the science of spirituality

Tompkins and Bird highlight one study where a group of students were each to draw a secret set on instructions. They were then to proceed into another room for a few minutes then come back. They were to say nothing to the other students.

The other room contained two plants; the instructions were simply to look at the plants, all except one set of instructions that is.

The special instructions had an additional task of taking one of the plants out of its pot, dropping it to the floor and steeping on it. Once all the students had been in the room the surviving plan was brought out and hooked up to a galvanic skin response meter (lie detector).

Students then came by one at a time. When the student who had stepped on the plant came by the meter needle began moving indicating an awareness of danger.

In another example a woman left her house plant attached to the meter while she went on a trip. For her the most stressful part of traveling was the flying, specifically taking off and landing. Returning home she saw that the meter indicated activity corresponding to the times of taking off and landing.

#5 – Explaining the science of spirituality through meditation.

One of the more common methods of getting in contact with this energy is through meditation.

Many studies have shown that regular meditation can have a positive impact on the quality of one’s life but in actual fact meditation can do much more than just effect ones own life.

In 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that one percent of a population practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population.

To test this a group of approximately 4000 people gathered together in Washington DC for the months of June and July in 1993 and began to meditate. During this period statistics showed that the crime rate did indeed drop anywhere from 15 to 23 percent.

benefits of meditation, group meditation, crime lowered when meditation went up in the city

Other groups have repeated this exercise with similar results. This is certainly a strong indication that there is an interconnectedness to all of us through the energy of the Universe.

Concluding Thoughts

Following these examples we begin to understand the spiritual energy that we are all a part of. The question is how do we, as humans, interact with this energy?

It was a chance encounter with a visiting professor helped tie together many aspects of the human spiritual connection together for me. Unfortunately it was a very quick encounter and I failed to get the details I would need to validate the information he offered me. I have spent a lot of time searching the internet to find examples of the information he shared but to no avail.

You will have to draw your own conclusions as to validity, however to me it makes a lot of sense. What he explained is that on the dendrites, the little information gathering fibres in the brain were even smaller fibres that ended in a quantum connection. In other words, we are all quantumly connected to the Universe.

This explains the concept of ‘group mind’ or collective consciousness, and why two people on different parts of the planet with no knowledge of each other can discover the same thing at the same time. Spy agencies have supposedly studied ‘Remote Viewing’ as a way to gather information.

We feel this connection, this link; it exists in the very background of our awareness and connects us to that. Something, greater than self. And I invite you to lean in and experience its presence for yourself.

Brian Alexander
Brian Alexander

Brian’s work, The God Matrix is one of Vasundhra’s all-time favourite spiritual fictions. He is a Master Trainer in Neuro-Linguistics and a Certified Reiki Master and Chi Kung instructor. He holds a 9th Degree Black Belt in Karate with 54 years of training experience.

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