Why The Spiritual Path Is So Hard & 5 Ways To Simplify The Journey

Years into the spiritual journey, I finally understand why the spiritual path is so hard, and have some tips for you to simplify it.

At the receiving end, most of the emails I get from spiritual seekers around the world are quite anxious and sometimes, even morbid. I’ve had people tell me that they are so helpless, they feel like ending their life. This is neither pleasant to read, nor in the scope of my work as a spiritual life coach. However, I understand why the spiritual path is so hard and I’ve been trying to explain it to anyone who asks.

So, I decided to create this article as a gateway and in-depth explanation of what makes the journey so complex. It’s my attempt to simplify this path for you, in hopes that you are uplifted and can walk in your true power. NOT remain stuck or feel hopeless any longer!

That said, let’s talk about some of the reasons that make this spiritual path so complicated in the first place, and how you can make things better for yourself.

Why The Spiritual Path Is So Hard To Begin With

Most people who enter the journey resist what they discover.

ignoring spiritual wisdom is one reason why the spiritual path is so hard

We’ve been raised in a world of science and proof, and we don’t want to get sucked into the taboos of how the spiritual realm works. We don’t want to be deemed insane. But in the process, we’ve moved away from the subtle truths.

Like me, most spiritual seekers have a highly active logical mind which wants things to make sense before they can believe them.

And everything they read about or hear about in spirituality seems to go against everything they’ve learned so far. So, they resist.

First things first. That’s just not how things work around here. The spiritual path becomes complicated, when we approach it from the logical mind.

This way of thinking is not only counterproductive, it can hamper your ability to reap the full rewards of this journey. I’ve talked about this in detail before, the ways in which our logical mind can sabotage our spiritual growth.

The curriculum at school, or even throughout college fails to answer some fundamental questions about life (and death). Like,
– what happens to us when we die?
– have we met all these people before?
– who decided that things would be this way for us?
– what is the actual purpose of life, which we can collectively strive for without running a rat race for money and finite pleasures?

So you see, facing these questions and their answers after so many decades becomes uncomfortable.

How ironic is that? We find it weird being ourselves. Our own nature doesn’t seem familiar! Such is the strength of the amnesia that comes from reincarnating.

Don’t worry though, this weirdness, along with all your other strange experiences will eventually make sense. Let’s talk about what you can do to come to terms with the spiritual truth in a more rapid way.

5 Ways to Make More Sense of Your Spiritual Journey

On a high-level, let’s just say that so far, our knowledge about life has been half-baked. And that going forward, we will need to a lot of un-learning to come to terms with what is REALLY happening.

Now let’s explore the different ways you can simplify this journey for yourself.

#1 – Build your spiritual foundation.

I always say this, and I’ll emphasize this again – faith doesn’t come overnight. You can’t build a connection with the Universe within just one hour of solid meditation or writing a few journaling prompts here and there.

It takes time. Just like it does with any genuine relationship. Oneness with the Universe must be cultivated through repetition and ritual (not in the cliche sense, though). Only when we’ve done something long enough will it become our nature.

lack of faith is a reason why the spiritual path is so hard

Sure, things can kick off instantaneously and you may feel like you’re onto something special (which you are). But to truly get the in’s and out’s of the cosmic way, you need to spend time building a spiritual foundation for yourself.

I’ve made this mistake over and over again, thinking I don’t need to meditate or sit down in prayer. All, soon to realize that the divine connection is weakening again and I’m not feeling as deeply spiritual as I used to be.

I have people tell me how spiritual they are, how many hours they meditate everyday, how yoga or journaling helps them, and things along that nature. But when adversity hits them, their foundation comes crashing down, and their faith shatters.

They end up asking what the whole point was for them to invest their time in all these practices, if they were still meant to undergo pain.

The truth is, your connection with the Universe will only deepen with direct experience and dialogue. You will not be able to go far in the journey until you understand the workings of the Universe at a deeper level.

At a human level, our pain and this reality seems unfair. And as long as we view it from that lens, it will always be unjust.

In fact, I’ve been writing about all this for years, and yet it felt like I just started my own journey, when I finally sat down and talked to the Universe. I’ve share a little bit more about what happened in this short video.

So then, the question arises, how do you build this foundation of faith?

You learn to sit with the mind. I call it the ego-mind.

It’s not your enemy, contrary to popular belief. As you learn to acknowledge and investigate your own doubts, you will move from creating more problems in your head, to actually looking for solutions. There are three ways that could happen to you.

  • Sometimes, the solutions will come to you in the form of amazing research and scientific proof that can back your faith through logic.
  • Through spiritual education. No matter what practice or method you follow, let the path of knowledge, called jnana yoga, be your guide through the mind of darkness and clouded confusion, to the mind of enlightened being.

#2 – Understand the trajectory of this path.

To help ease your ego-mind, remove the elements of unfamiliarity and uncertainty from your path. By that I mean, understand what happens next.

Just like you don’t dive into the deep-end of the pool without learning how to swim first (or with a float), you will need some kind of preparation and guidance to tell you what’s coming ahead.

When the mind knows what to expect, it is no longer as agitated. You’re able to better prepare for what lies ahead.

under water, dive into your spiritual journey

Of course, I also often talk about the importance of learning to be comfortable in the unknowing, and learning to surrender. But if that seems too difficult for you right now, focus on preparation.

The simplest thing you can do right off the bat, to mentally prepare for this path is understand the different stages and symptoms of a spiritual awakening.


In preparation, I don’t advocate spending your time getting too many psychic readings done. There’s a fine-line between being prepared and being paranoid. This is especially true for people who want to become healers or coaches in this space, and keep seeking external validation or some kind of sign that this is the right career choice for you.

Take back your power on this path, and allow yourself to tread it as softly or as aggressively as you’d like to. Eventually, you will build the faith that it takes to be comfortable in the ‘unknown’. Till then, learn to explore things without being focus on the perfect outcome, or worrying that you’re wasting time.

Everything is helpful in your soul’s expansion, so let this inner curiosity take your awakening deeper.

#3 – Find like-minded people.

Another reason that the spiritual path is so hard, is because we try to do it alone. Or, we just don’t know how to find the right people to support us.

This is the reason why I send monthly newsletters and write so extensively across all social media platforms. I want more and more people to open up about spirituality, and know that there’s somebody out there who gets “it”.

find your tribe, spiritual community, make more spiritual friends

In the same fashion, don’t be shy to share your truth with the world. You will be surprised how many people around you are also beginning to “wake up” and walk beside you.

I know how hard it can be, if you try to do this all alone, or if you keep believing that people will find you crazy. The truth is, even though our loved ones might not “get it”, they do NOT want to see us suffer.

I’ve deeply addressed many of the challenges around the spiritual journey, and how you can overcome them, in my latest book, called Homecoming – A Spiritual Guide for the Awakened the Awaking.

You can either read it on Kindle (available worldwide), or download a PDF version below.

Another tip to help you find your tribe, is to connect with people on groups across different social media. Ask questions, and see what others are asking.

I’ve created a private Facebook group for my clients to connect with each other and nurture their spiritual tribe. If that’s something you’d like to be a part of, here’s how to sign-up.

#4 – Ask for help.

Let’s say, you need to get from point A to B in the shortest amount of time. Would you try to run to your destination, or would you rather use a vehicle like a motorcycle or car?

Such is the concept of growth. The ego-mind has us believing that we should have all the answers and that it’s shameful to ask for help. But really, if you don’t want to delay the process and experience more frustration or burnouts, start learning to ask for help.

its okay to ask for help in your spiritual journey,

I often share stories around how I ask for parking when I’m entering a busy lot, or how I ask for divine intervention when a new jar fails to open. You’d think that such requests are futile, but the universe isn’t judging us. WE are judging ourselves for not being able to do something.

Start asking the Universe for help. Start asking for answers and guidance. And let the Universe show up for you.

The support can come from any direction. Don’t worry about that.

It could be from a stranger, or from a random article you read online. It could be a nudge to get in touch with a long-lost friend, or to get mentored.

Once you receive that help, do take a moment to acknowledge it, instead of brushing it off as a coincidence.

It’s not like the Universe needs our gratitude, but WE do. We need it, so we can retune the mind to trust that the divine forces are looking after us, and that every time we see evidence, our faith strengthens.

#5 – Find a spiritual path and stick to it.

I’ve hopped from book to book, teacher to teacher for years, only to discover one thing. They all say the same thing. Well, atleast the crux of it.

Every solid spiritual practice has one end-goal, and many milestones along the way. The end-goal is of course, enlightenment. The milestones however vary. Such as being more balanced, or gaining more awareness of one’s energy system.

reading spiritual books

So after reading hundreds of books, you identify the trend and gather a sense of what you should be doing.

The only question remains – are you doing it?

It doesn’t matter what spiritual idea you read about. Until you don’t take time to practice and really digest the teachings, you will continue to feel stuck.

Another big reason why the spiritual path is so hard, is because we are subconsciously waiting for a miracle healing. Many of us experience a certain ‘spiritual high‘ in the initial stages of the journey, which I like to consider as beginner’s luck.

We end up spending years just trying to recreate that experience! Without realizing that everything else subtly happening to us is just as good for us, as that noticeably profound moment.

So, find a practice and stick to it. I like to call this process of spiritual assimilation, internalization.

Give yourself the permission to slow down, and have a first-hand experience of all the different advice you’re getting. Try something out for a few weeks, and see if it helps you. If not, slowly make your way into a different modality.

At this point, it’s important that not everything will resonate with everyone. So you will need to create your own mix of things that work for you.

And if you feel confused about which spiritual path to follow, Eric Weiner’s Man Seeks God is a great way to get a flavor of all the major practices out there, and understand how they fundamentally work.

You can also setup a no-obligation call with me and we can figure something out together. Remember, if you don’t have a tribe yet, you atleast have me.

Concluding Thoughts

Once you understand the many ways in which you are acting as your own enemy, it makes a lot of sense why the spiritual path is so hard for you to walk. And then, you begin to understand a broad sense of direction. Things begin to make more sense, and you can experience more ease.

Until all that doesn’t happen for you (and I reassure you it will), just keep going. Let the Universe show up for you and prove that it has your back!

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