5 Practical Ways To Be More Happy Every Day

Why we feel lazy and lack energy, and tricks to be more happy every single day!

I have experienced mood swings since the longest time, and I realise that a lot of us do. To be happy everyday is actually not that common.

The worst is, we don’t know what overcomes us! We succumb to these emotional swings and by the end of the day, we feel drained, unhappy and just want to laze around in bed, like a panda.

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Often times, we are not really lazy. We are just very unaware of where and how our energy has been haemorrhaging from the day. It can be anything from internal stress to external factors like toxic communication or unforeseen circumstances.

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Thankfully, this is the year I’ve actually been a lot less lazy, and a lot less in my emotions. Did I do something? Yes! Plenty. But none of it is too ‘tough’. It just requires experiencing for yourself, and being consistent to a degree.

Anyhoo, all the recommendations today are relatively new additions to my daily routine. They work for me, even though I don’t understand too much about how or why, so give them a go and see for yourself!

#1 – Balance Your Chakras

Chakras are energy centres in our body which when unbalanced, can make us behave in unbalanced ways.

For example, not being able to feel compassion is a sign of a blocked Heart Chakra. And not being able to speak up (or speaking too much) are signs of an imbalanced Throat Chakra.

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I have spoken about Chakras in great, simplified detail in a dedicated series called Chakras Explained.

And I also offer a popular, affordable and fun Digital Masterclass on Chakra Balancing, which compliments the series. If you feel inclined to get hands-on coaching, here are my client testimonials, and the contact page to help you get started.

#2 – Use Happy Crystals

I was apprehensive for a couple years, until I saw a giant crystal as a decoration piece at someone’s house. My first thought – that looks really beautiful! And thus, I was hooked.

No expert here, but I do find that being in the presence of Quartz (clear, rose) and Amethyst crystals makes me happy. Black Tourmaline is also a crystal that I work with, to ground and protect my energy. But as they say, you should go for the crystal that you’re most attracted to.

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Personally, I like to sit with my crystals during meditation, and sometimes I carry a few in my purse when I’m out in public. This keeps my energies protected and balanced. If you’re like me and don’t like being around buzzing markets, crystals help!

The easiest crystal healing ritual I recommend, is to ask permission from each crystal before working with them. My understanding is that crystals are pure consciousness, serving us in the most selfless way through their solid form. Also be sure to say a heartfelt thank you, once you’re done!

My trusted source is a vendor on Amazon called R. R. Sheikh at Amazon. I have 3 different crystals from them, and the crystals have done wonders for my energy and environment around me.

Note : I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means that at no added cost to you, I make a small commission from qualifying sales through links on my blog. Thank you for your consideration, it helps support my work!

#3 – Establish Holistic Self-care Practices

Whatever you like to do out of self-love, just keep three perspectives in mind for a holistic experience – Mind, Body & Spirit.

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This trinity is the real make or break of a balanced and happy life. Here’s what I do, incase you need inspiration.

  • For my mind, I try to read everyday. I also try to do something stimulating like craft work, a different recipe, or anything that takes me off autopilot for at least 30 minutes. Here are my latest non-fiction recommendations if you need some inspiration.
  • For my body, yoga and jogging does wonders. Sometimes we have too much energy and it can frustrate us or make us restless. It then gets wasted in the wrong way. So it’s important to use your energy in a physical form too.

#4 – Clear Your Un-happy Energy

Though I had been Meditating for years, I wasn’t always feeling my best (as we’ve already established). Then, when I joined the Heartfulness program, they explained why cleaning our energy is also important.

They used a great analogy, saying that imagine yourself to be a glass of water. Due to the events and problems, we can become muddy water.

Meditation helps still this muddy water. Once the mud settles down, it’s important to clean it out as well. And that makes complete sense! No wonder we can feel better after meditation but not necessarily stay in that state of bliss soon after. We haven’t cleared up the mud.

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But, how? They introduced a very simple technique (shared in the next paragraph). In short, it’s about using our intention single-pointedly during visualisation, to release the heaviness within us from our body.

I do also think that their whole 3-step process of meditation, cleaning and prayer work great together as a complete healing experience. So you should try that, instead of just the cleaning! Here are the 3 steps :

  1. Meditation
  2. Cleaning
  3. Prayer (non religious, FYI)

#5 – Invest Your Time in a Journal

I find journaling to be a fool-proof way to express yourself without getting judged. It is also the space where many new thoughts and inspirations come from; from where many solutions arise.

I do have a dedicated post coming up, on the different kinds of journaling I like to practice. But for this post, I want to keep it short and sweet, by saying that you can write as little as 5 sentences about how GOOD your day was (gratitude writing), or write 3-pages of emotional venting (Morning Pages).

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They all work wonders, if only you can love yourself enough to sit down for this heart-to-heart with yourself!

Concluding Thoughts

These are just some of the things that make a lot of difference in making me happy, lately. How many of these do you already do? And what are some other ways you experience joy? 🙂


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  1. These are all great tips. I have fallen away from my cleansing processes through meditation. This is a good reminder to get back into it.

  2. What wonderful tips to being happy everyday. For me, self-care and journal ling/writing is what I love to do to make myself happy.

  3. This is a great article. I forgot someone gave me chakras as a birthday gift and I have never used them. I love to use my planner and journal for happiness. When I get discouraged I can refer back to me books and see how far I’ve come.

  4. Great article! I’m totally into # 3 and #5. don’t know if I could ever get into the other ones, just a personal preference thing.

  5. I used to journal all the time..maybe I should start again! Yoga and jogging are usually my go-tos for happiness. I may have to look into crystals too!

  6. This was awesome. Love how you are sharing experiences from your own life for a better life for everyone. Not everyone can do it. Kudos 🤗🙏

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