3 Reasons for Spiritual Loneliness, A Feeling You Don’t Belong Here

Some hard-hitting truths about “belonging here”, spiritual junkies, and more. Here are 3 reasons we experience spiritual loneliness.

It’s common for people who are spiritually inclined to start feeling disconnected from the world. I believe that 3 factors cause this spiritual loneliness. Working on these areas can help make our experience on Earth more wholesome once again, as it should be. So let’s dive right in!

#1 – The ‘Illusion’ Mindset

One way I see this, and have personally been a victim of myself, is the ‘illusion’ mindset. This is messing with our heads in multiple ways. Here’s how.

Illusion #1 – We Are Not This Body

It’s true that we are not this body, and the body is only a vessel. But when you burn your finger, or hit your head, how do you go about believing this is an illusion?!

we are not just the body, spiritual body, soul is beyond the body
It is most often in moments of pain, that the physical reality dawns upon us. Before that, we’re in our own worlds – in our own bubbles.

Then, my first question is, why should we reject this vessel?
Or worse, misuse it, thinking that it is impermanent in nature?
Isn’t spirituality about respecting the entirety of existence – every cell, every molecule, every energy form?

The only way through this illusion is to start looking after your physical body. Have more time for activities such as Yoga, gymming or a simple jog around the block. And just know that if you are feeling disconnected from your body, you’re not alone.

I’ve been on that boat for a long time, and have slowly reconnected with my physical essence. Here’s an article I put together to help you see the spiritual significance of your human vessel.

Illusion #2 – Everything material is ‘maya’

Not just the physical body. But when you’re focused on the spiritual aspect of your life, you automatically start feeling a disconnection from materialism.

For example, the car I drive is not an illusion, because it definitely does get me from one point to another. And every time I’ve had an accident, I’ve surely felt the impact of it in my very bones! But there was a time when I was the girl who freaked out and screamed at an auto-driver because he rammed his auto into my brand new car.

human fist, anger, spiritually disconnected

Because of what I will propose in the solution soon, I am no longer attached to my car. I enjoy driving, and yes, it upsets me that all my hard-earned money is spent repairing the many scrapes that occur from driving on jam-packed Indian roads. But I am no longer that girl.

Illusion #3 – All Your Relationships are Temporary

Furthermore, the illusion mindset makes you disconnect from relations around you. When you start seeing everything as temporary, you force yourself to detach.

However, detachment, unless coming from a natural place is bound to give you the feeling of spiritual loneliness.

Read More : How to Stop Being an Emotional Sponge and Have More Detached Compassion

Illusion #4 – This Planet is Fake

And the most serious example of the implications of the illusion mindset, is people that aren’t worried this planet is under man-induced catastrophe that can wipe out our entire race. Why?

Because they believe that it’s temporary and that we’ll go live on another planet anyway. In other words, undermining the entire course of nature that got us to where we are. Hmm…

And so I come back to the question once again. Isn’t spirituality about respecting the very essence of everything, material and non-material?

garbage, litter, disconnected from the planet, spiritual illusions
It neither makes sense to ignore or call our experiences an illusion, and neither does it help to become overly obsessed with the things that deliver these experiences.

How do we find a balance though? We’ll get to that shortly. Let’s quickly talk about the second type of disconnect.

#2 – The Intergalactic Mindset

The second way in which I’ve seen the disconnection rise, is the growing talk in the community about people being starseeds, or coming from different planets to help the people on Earth.

Some believe that they’re from the future, or from a parallel reality and have been trapped into this version of life. Others even believe that there’s a matrix in place that prevents us from remembering our true state, and that aliens are helping us exit this matrix.

Ufo, Alien, Guy, Pozaziemianin, Ufoludek, spiritual loneliness
And while I respect all ideas and remain neutral about how true they are or not, ultimately we all come from the same source.

When we reminisce about the potent planets we may have lived on in the past or that we’re better because we are NOT really human descendants, we are neither fully appreciating life on Earth.

Nor are we giving a fair chance to the opportunities we can take in the here and now, because we have layers of disapproval, resentment or even sadness about how the environment here is not what we want it to be.

And we are feeding our spiritual loneliness by trying to create spiritual qualifications, groups or hierarchies.

My philosophy is simple. No matter where you’ve come from and what paradise you’ve seen, now that you’re here, let’s try to make the most of it, eh?

#3 – Being on a Spiritual ‘High’

What could be so wrong with being on a Spiritual high, you might ask.

We feel better about ourselves, because hey, at least we’re not sex-freaks or addicts, but are we really any better, if we ourselves are spiritual junkies? And you might even wonder, is there even such a thing as being too spiritual?

I’ll let you read more about this hard-hitting answer first, and come back to this post.

Even after reading the aforementioned post, you might not think you’re on a spiritual high, but there are always signs and symptoms that become prevalent.

The biggest sign is your lower chakras being out of balance.

Your lower chakras, or energy centres of the energy body connect you to the physical realm. And the higher chakras connect you to the Spiritual realm. Your wonderful heart centres and anchors you to both!

The practice of balancing our chakras is essential, because it’s easy to get carried away and start renouncing so many of the human needs before we’re meant to. The worst effect is how disconnected we feel from EVERYONE and keep going on and on about how we’re ‘different’.

This isn’t by-chance. Here’s a full article dedicated to why we feel disconnected and what to do about it.

And I mean think about it. Don’t you think something has to be off in our inner energies too? The whole of existence can’t be wrong, can it?

So, let’s talk about the solution now for all this talk about spiritual loneliness.


I go into much more detail about the eastern insights about the Seven Chakras in this 8-part series, but one major thing you need to understand today, is the need to align this chakra system. This is quintessential to make the most of every aspect of your being – Spiritual, Mental and Physical.

That’s because when our energy centres are off balance, we experience physical symptoms as well. Energy that’s stuck in certain parts of our body, and that doesn’t flow freely leads to physiological and psychological blockages as well. There’s science beginning to back the power of energy healing modalities like Reiki, for the very same reason.

Chakra, Energy Centres, Body, Center, Balance, Yin Yang, Inner Peace, Spiritual Loneliness no more,

Some practical and easy techniques to help you get more centred, that I highly recommend from personal practice are :

  • Natural grounding practices like being in nature, around animals, playing with kids etc. to rebalance your lower chakras and help you feel more connected through your Root Chakra,
  • Meditating or wearing grounding crystals. Black tourmaline is one recommendation. Clear quartz and amethyst have worked well for me too.
As spiritually awakened beings, it is our responsibility to look after and optimize our use of the energy centres given to us. Not ignore them and fool around (neither spiritually nor materially).

Don’t believe me? Sincerely try these techniques out for just 2 to 3 weeks, and you’ll experience the inner transformation yourself.

Spiritual loneliness? No more. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons for Spiritual Loneliness, A Feeling You Don’t Belong Here”

  1. Being an introvert I always thought that in this world only people with extroverted energy are preferred. I had a hard time finding my place in the world. Always felt that people like me who are quieter than usual, have felt a disconnect from the world. I’m learning the uniqueness each of us carry and appreciating the diversity each soul brings in this world. It’s good not to be like everybody else, we all are special in our unique ways. We all share a common source. There’s the energy that connects us all. Each of us are here to play an integral role in the world.

    1. Beautifully said! Our loneliness accentuates at first, but Spirituality empowers us in a way that can transform our outlook and help play our roles in a way even we couldn’t have fathomed! How exciting it is, right?!

  2. Great point on illusion 4 it’s true there is an illusion that we are on this planet for a temporary period and will be moving to another planet. As you said this argument of temporality has resulted in the disrespect of nature and the planet we live on without which we wouldn’t be alive. To a certain degree people think that the planet needs us and its total opposite we need the planet the planet does not need us.

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